10 Course English Documents

 10 Course English Documents

п»ї1. Nasiruddin

The nationality of nasiruddin is not known. There are different says of different countries about the birth of nasiruddin. The Iranians claim that he was an Iranian. The Turks say that he was born in turkey. The most up-to-date claim is Russians who have say that he was born in Bukhara. Even though his place of birth and nationality is not known although one thing is clear that he could be famous around the globe for his funny reports. In England, a large number of books regarding his lifestyle and reports have been printed. A translation of his humorous testimonies has been published in china and tiawan. A novel, about his life, have been published in Russia. Urdu and Pashto translations are usually present. People often repeat these stories. Nasiruddin was tailor, a merchant and a judge.

2 . Rustam and Sohrab

Not so long ago there was a fantastic warrior in Iran. Wherever name was Rustam. Having been very brave and good. He married the princes of Kurdistan. His wife gave birth to a son while having been out of the region. She directed a word to Rustam that she has offered Birth to a daughter. Rustam send a great amulet to get his little girl and it absolutely was tied around the child's equip his name was Sohrab. Just like his daddy he was also a brave fellow and this individual joined the Joranian armed service. In order to find his father away. He was the commander of Joranian military services. The king of joran attacked Iran and got a tremendous victory. The king of Iran was very disappointed and this individual requested Rustam to help him. At last Rustam agreed and there happened of a intense battle between Rustam and Sohrab when the latter was killed. Rustam grieved a lot after having the original identification of Sohrab.

a few. A Visit to the Mills

When we reached the mills, we noticed many vans, tractors additional carriages full of sugarcane. There is a cane-carried, which was used for carrying the cane. We got the assistance of a local worker. Like a guide, this individual took us to the cane- carrier. There is a seatbelt, which was taking cane in a tunnel. The sharp blades inside the tube cut sugarcane into parts. Then we all saw a big system of percussion, boilers and pipelines. They will well scorching then he took us to a part of the mills exactly where sugarcane had been crushed. There have been very big moving tires, which manage the mills. The rollers of the generators put a lot of pressure can the sugarcane. So the sweets juice was boiled in the fined plats thorough an extremely hot system. At last, we reached that part of the generators where sugarcane was being placed in bags. These types of bags were automatically weighed, stitched and send to the storehouse.

4. Sue Keller

An awesome lady called Helen Keller came to this world in 1880 in a small small town of USA. In her early age the girl fell ill seriously and recovered although deaf and blind. At the age of seven years her collect got a woman Miss Sueeivan for Sue Keller. Miss Sueeivan was also window blind but the girl had got her lumination back. The girl used to have Helen towards the bank from the River. The girl put Helen's hand in water and had written the word w-a-t-e-r with it. After producing it often in this way, she was able to write the word W-a-t-e-r. Little by little your woman learnt regarding the mountains, streams and other things. When the girl was 8 years old the girl went to a college for blind children. At the age of Ten (10) she learned how to use her voice. She also learnt catalogs with brought up point. Your woman got successfulness in all her tests. She visited this country in order to help the impaired and hard of hearing people. Your woman was really a fantastic woman.

5. A smart Impostor

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