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In the movie 12 Angry Men, eleven jurors vote to convict a man of stabbing and killing his own daddy. Initially, the boys are important on sending the young man to the loss of life chamber counting solely around the testimony provided by the two eyewitnesses. Despite Juror #8 raising questions about the dependability of the eyewitnesses' testimonies, almost all of the jurors stick by their responsible votes. Juror #8 maintains his simple verdict and through the film, continues to increase questions and shows the jurors high are areas that raise doubt. Although there were only two eyewitness accounts, this movie shows how strong the power of eyewitness testimony may be in court. In addition to the power of eyewitness accounts, this video displays an excellent example of group polarization—the procedure by which the general public opinion splits and goes to different extreme conditions. When looking at jurors, a group of persons, when they are by itself and are taking into consideration the case, might be undecided, become fiercely opinionated once they enter the deliberation area. In this variation of the motion picture, interestingly, Juror #10, performed by Mykelti Williamson, a black acting professional, goes on a racist tyrannical rant about how precisely Hispanics happen to be " born to sit, they are fracture heads” and are also " multiplying like rabbits” He believes that they are second- class citizens and don't ought to have to be in society. This individual believes that they will be killers by nature and are planning to take over. The eyewitness testimony is in a big way affected by the complex personalities of the court. For example , Juror #3, the last person standing, is hung around the words " I'm going to kill you” being said to the boy's very own father and takes on the pain in the murder since his very own. He desires the son to pay for what he performed, as he feels that the boy is accountable based on the eyewitness testimony. He contains a hard time taking the fair doubt and is also the very previous one to do this at the close of the video. Juror #4 is also...

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