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Device R005

Creating an Active product

applying multimedia components

Unit R005 – Creating an online product applying multimedia parts


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Device R005: Creating an interactive product applying multimedia parts Aims

This unit builds on Devices R001 and R002 and learners can apply the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding designed in individuals units and vice versa.

This unit will enable students to demonstrate their very own creative style by incorporating multimedia pieces to create a radiant, energetic or stimulating www, webpage, or perhaps interactive product. Interactive goods are used broadly in everyday life; from visiting a website, placing your order online items, using mobile phone applications, observing a presentation, e-learning products or playing computer games.

In completion of this kind of unit students will be able to present how the active product complies with both the consumer needs and extends their capability inside the use of applications software including website development.

Learning Outcome 1: Be able to design interactive goods

Learners has to be taught the right way to:

choose and utilize the software features appropriate for the interactive goods to aid in the design method, i. at the. website, tablet/mobile phone programs, gaming platforms, presentation software

recognize success standards, i. electronic. meeting the consumer brief, part quality, composition and the extent to which the merchandise is active

select and use different varieties of navigation web page planning methods, i. electronic. mood panels, spider diagrams, mind mapping, site strategies, house-style, hand-drawn templates

source and store multimedia system components to get inclusion in products and making ready exactly where applicable, i actually. e. origin components images, video, audio, animation, scripting, sprites. Safe-keeping will require the use of distinct file types1, i. elizabeth. swf, html, sis, application, exe, xaml, xml, ppt

be familiar with implications of legislation on their sources, we. e. Copyright laws Law; Intellectual Property; image permissions and releases; acceptance and referring to of sources2

select the applications computer software dependent on purpose and audience, i. elizabeth. web writing software, video game making software, ‘App' advancement software or perhaps presentation writing software.

Learning Outcome a couple of: Be able to make interactive goods containing multimedia components Learners must be educated how to:

combine elements using techniques (e. g. alternative pathway, user conversation and effects)

work with templates, my spouse and i. e. learn slides, conditions, cascading style sheets

create a gps, i. at the. navigation pub, buttons, links, mouse /keyboard controls, selections and fall lists, graphical user interface

set up interaction, my spouse and i. e. rotate over, drag and drop, input form, behaviours (e. g. pop up messages, tremble, fades, and sounds) causes, collision, scripting, hot spots

use results, i. electronic. transitions, html clock, lose colour in, reduce out, custom animation.

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Learning Outcome 3: Be able to perform usability tests

Learners has to be taught how to:

evaluation the product during production and where ideal review equipment and tactics used in series with the achievement criteria

test the item post completion against the success criteria utilizing a variety of responses methods including client responses.

Links between units and synoptic examination

1 Unit

R001 LO2 supports this by growing an understanding of appropriate data file types.

a couple of Unit

R001 LO4 helps this by developing a knowledge of the ramifications of copyright legislation and the consequences of non-compliance using its provisions.


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Model Project

Assessment Material

OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in ICT

OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Diploma or degree in ICT

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