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It is a very long felt must have a ready-made platform for the people aspiring to possess a big buying, modern however simple and attainable to all many people coming from all income teams. On the basis of this kind of the idea of ‘Apna Bazar‘ came into being more than a decade back again before the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated the" Rythu Bazar" and " Gruha Mitra Schemes". Rythu Transaction or Farmers market is the marketplace where the marketing between the farmers and buyers is done immediately by eliminating the center men and commission agents. These middle section men or commission agents charge dangerous of commission payment fee from the farmers who come to market yards to offer their farming produce. This leads to rise in prices of these items to gain the middle males at the expense of the maqui berry farmers and customers. Direct advertising helps in total elimination of middle guys and assures higher remuneration to the maqui berry farmers and increased satisfaction tothe consumers in obtaining agricultural commodities at affordable prices.  Therefore, Rythu Bazar is among the farmer's friendly direct promoting systems in operation in Andhra Pradesh. A ‘model bankable project‘ pertaining to Rythu Mercado has been developed to create awareness about the development of agricultural advertising among bankers, financial institutions, potential entrepreneurs in private and co-operative groups, farmers groupings, Govt. functionaries etc . Taking into consideration the above, we all made a modest try to study the role of Rythu Bazars in Cities. Hyderabad choosen for our anysis.


1 . To examine remunerative prices to the farmers and provide more fresh vegetables and other items to buyers at sensible rates each day. 2 . To facilitate quick realization of sale creates to farmer without anydeductions.

3. To enable and help proper weighments and to reduce malpractices in weighments in providing fruit and vegetables and farmville farm produce.

5. To examine immediate interface among farmers and consumers –eliminating intermediaries in trade.



The research covers the primary and secondary info. Descriptive research is most suitable. The main data was collected by interview approach by using organised questionnaire. With regards to study, the info has been collected from 9 Rythu Bazars of Hyderabad district or GHMC [The Greater Hyderabad City Corporation].

sample technique


Player vendors marketing their develop at Rythu Bazars. Test Area: Each of the nine Rythu Bazars doing work at Hyderabad [GHMC]Sample size: A sample of ten to twelve farmers vendors and consumers coming from all the nine Rythu Bazars of Hyderabad district totaling to a sample ofВ hundred every.

Techniqes applied:

For the modern day study important statistical tools are used to obtain the inferences are uses, percentages and many others

Establishment of Rythu Bazars:

Initially regarding 49 Rythu Bazar or ‘Kisan Ki Mandi' happen to be initiated by government of Andhra Pradesh on January 6, 99. Within a duration of eight months, number of Rythu Bazars has increased via 49 to 102 by covering almost 40, 000 farmers via 2, 800 villages in all the district head quarters and important metropolitan areas in Andhra Pradesh. Rythu Bazars can be found on Federal government lands determined by the Region Collectors. The location shall must be convenient both for the farmers and consumers. Conditions for beginning of new Rythu Bazars is definitely the availability of in least one acre of land in strategic places and recognition of two hundred and fifty vegetable developing farmers including 10 personal help group availability of in least one particular acre of land in strategic locations and identification of two hundred and fifty vegetable developing farmers which include 10 home help organizations. Functional system facilities in Rythu Bazar / farmers' market:


The Rythu Bazar / Farmers' Industry...

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