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-- by Son P. Bajet


I actually. Introduction

The book can be: Ricco Alejandro M. Santos and Bonifacio O. Lagos, The Lots of People's History: Samar. Korea. Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA: Sidelakes Press, 2004 (205 pages).

I would like to begin this review by simply postulating a very basic issue: Why experienced Samar remained to be ruled out in terms of development and progress compared with other other islands of the Philippines?

I believe that the trouble stated previously mentioned is also the essential problem which the authors with the book, The Untold Peoples' History: Samar, Philippines desires to address to. As with various other history ebooks, the authors begin coming from a traditional-chronological-historical exposition. Commencing from a short description of Samar's wealthy natural assets, its history beginning from your precolonial period, it grows sequentially and ends up with an annotation of latest radical movements in the isle. It gloves up with a summary of Samar's long history of exploitation and impoverishment by both foreign colonizers and local collaborators in the area.

I want to summarize initial the contents of the publication, literally pursuing its date outline, and hope to end up receiving my commentaries about the book and its particular implications to provide realities.

II. Precolonial Samar

The island referred to as Samar today previously was called ibabao – or maybe the land over. By pure luck or perhaps the lack of it, it was by the way " discovered” in 1521 by the Portuguese navigator, Magallanes. This " discovery” paved the way for the Spanish colonization of the Korea. It has to be known however , the fact that word " discovery” can be described as debatable concern from the point of view with the Filipinos, particularly the Samarnons who were already deeply entrenched in the island centuries before the arriving of the 1st white men in the islands.

In echo with Agoncillo's thesis1 that early Filipinos have gained a high level of civilization just like its contemporaries in The european countries and America, the authors cite evidences to support this sort of claims. Mostly using Alzina's work on a brief history of the Bisayan People as translated by Cantius Kobak, OFM and Lucio Gutierrez, OP, the book strongly narrates the advance lifestyle of early Samarnons since shown through iron tools and implements. Agriculture was your main sector and swidden farming was your technique used. People usually share in the repetitious task of planting, enjoying, pounding, washing and preparing food of foodstuff for the family. Other industries are worth observing: weaving, goldsmith, fishing, boat-making, making food delicacies, chicken and swine-raising, etc .

Culturally speaking, early Samarnons experienced already a written alphabet, the baybayin, which was as well used by others in the whole archipelago. They also composed good poetry. Their music were accompanied by musical devices. According to Alzina, 2 the native Samarnon poetry was much more superior to Spanish poetry. The most skilled poets tackled the folk legendary or aspect, spontaneous poems in tribute to a male's bravery and a female's beauty – the qualities most desired for every single sex – or a great ancestor's achievements. Visual art could be observed in the complicated body fine art of needling. Indeed, Samarnons were also reported by early on historians as the Pulahanes (painted peoples), the most-tattooed natives inside the Philippines.

See speaking, Samar as with the rest of the country was characterized by a feudalistic system comparable to Europe with the seaside and riverine settlement named bungto reigned over by the datu also called the ginaopan or gindolohan. There is no central figure simply because there was no central government.

Not surprisingly of a feudalistic type of world, there were amelioration or classes of people living in different positions and doing different capabilities. On top were the...

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