Virtue Ethics Advantage

 Virtue Values Advantage Essay

Bradley Snider

January 40, 2012

Biomedical Ethics; TR 9: 35 AM

Benefits of Virtue Ethics

Concluding my personal reading more than this section, it can obvious there are several drastic advantages of virtue ethics more than different principles that we have viewed thus far during class. (ex. Action Utilitarianism, Kantian Deontology). As we go over virtues, we are able to also bring up that to our character qualities. Responsibility, courage, and faithfulness are all instances of these types of attributes. These persona traits are classified as the backbone of virtue values. When we check out action utilitarianism, we think of rules and our call to responsibility. Nothing is higher than our contact to obligation, and we happen to be sentenced to do the most crucial option. With virtue values we are nearly provided more le-way should you will. Honnete are taken into far more depth and consideration than with action-utilitarianism. Whenever we look at kantian deontology, we all notice the perfect and not perfect duties. These kinds of set of rules are essentially a guideline showing how us people should action and live our lives. Once again, virtue ethics allows more freedom to determine for ourselves and generate exceptions to these rules. A problem that surrounds kantian deontology is that there must be exceptions to these perfect responsibilities. The way My spouse and i look at it, we are able to with a advantage mindset. We could allowed to consider our moral code and apply it towards the situation. Total, I believe that virtue integrity allows individuals to make their particular decisions, and with what persons should do. This again conflicts with act-utilitarianism because it feels that the decision should be based upon the best end result for man-kind, not just one individual. Virtue values, along with this morals in one piece, allow for folks to take into consideration for others and select a choice that results in better end result for that person. These are some advantages I really believe virtue ethics offers instead of utilitarianism and deontology.

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