AGMIHTF 1141 Essay

Marleshia Denson

Enc 1141

Professor Kendrick

March, three or more, 2015

A fantastic Man is Hard to Find Southern Gothic Research

Flannery O'Connor

To begin, the storyline takes place in Georgia during a family visit to Florida, this automatically paints a picture of life in the South. In this trip, the grandmother insists to stop in Tennessee in the process. O'Connor extends on elements that fit the the southern part of gothic environment. For example , the Blue Mountains, the slopes of the Southern, the flora and the fauna of the place. The granny herself represents a grotesque character. She is the typical The southern part of woman. She's a religious girl who goes to church every single Sunday, and on the outside definitely seems to be quite blameless. However the girl turns out to be independent, distant through the real world, and her just knowledge originating from television and newspapers. She is the archetype for the " the aging process southern woman. ” The lady obsesses above dressing her best for the car ride therefore " In case of an accident, any person seeing her dead on the highway would know simultaneously that she was a female. " The youngsters also presents how children in the southern are, mindful to their grandmums. Even though these were not wonderful to the daddy, the grandma always received the admiration. The mom getting as " innocent like a cabbage” stood out like a characteristic likewise because getting from the To the south mothers are portrayed since innocent. The dad becoming quiet nevertheless angry was yet another characteristic, he actually yelled in the mom for one stage leaving the misfit doubtful to why he mixed dough. In conclusion, Flannery O'Connor's, " A Good Guy is Hard to Find” looks at and criticizes the meaningful values in the American south using common themes connected with Southern Medieval fiction like the use of ridicule events, adverse southern stereotypes and satrical twists. O'Connor uses these to show up and criticize the designs and values of the American South. �


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