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What is an American? A dictionary definition would declare a person who was born in America or a person who immigrated to the United States and turn a legal citizen. The unlimited answers can be summed up into three categories: the " Melting Pot”, the American wish, and an absolute American that exemplifies what it means to be an American. In the end although, every American demonstrates American values in their own method. To start with, the extended metaphor, the Shedding Pot, refers to the mix of cultures in the united states. Another extended metaphor pertaining to America is calling this a Salad Bowl. The Melting Weed was the original metaphor intended for America, yet controversy triggered to make the Salad Bowl metaphor. I think that calling America a Burning Pot is most beneficial because it is accurate that all of the cultures installed to America have combined together to help make the true American culture. The melting has already established the ability to make an entirely new culture after some time.

As I have stated, the Burning Pot has turned a new tradition that was based on the American fantasy. My definition of the American dream can be described as dream based upon one's philosophy that America can bring all of them a new chance whether it be independence, business related, or spiritual. For foreign nationals, this means that they will have the freedoms that their house country will not permit or could not give. The true American dream of spiritual freedom emerged when the Pilgrims wanted to break free from the House of worship of England. Another sort of the American dream can be immigrants coming to the overcrowded Ellis Isle in New york city looking for a new job option. The American dream can be attainable actually during the recession because every person provides a different approach to make all their American heavenly gift. I think that there has by no means been a set meaning of the American dream, but the general thought has never altered.

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