Amidosulpuric Chemical p

 Essay regarding Amidosulpuric Acid

Practice 6th

Subject: Determination of the relative molecular mass of amidosulpuric acid solution Data Collection

2. Qualitative Data

1 . Before the experiment:

a) The amidosulphuric acid is in powder crystal kind.

b) The colour of sodium hydroxide can be colourless.

c) The colour of distilled water after being dissolved with amidosulphuric chemical p is colourless.

2 . Through the experiment: After two drops of methyl red will be added to the perfect solution of amidosulphuric acid, the perfect solution changes coming from colourless to pale reddish colored

3. Following your experiment: After the solution of amidoosulphuric chemical p that is being added with methyl reddish is titrated with certain volume of salt hydroxide, along with changes from pale reddish colored to lemon.

* Quantitative Data

Mass of amidosulphuric acid solution = 2 . 4024 g ± 0. 0001 g

| Trial| 1st | Second

First volume of sodium hydroxide, cm³ ± zero. 05 cm³| 0| twenty four. 1| 0| Final amount of sodium hydroxide, cm³ ± 0. 05 cm³| 24. 1| twenty four. 6| twenty-four. 4| Volume of sodium hydroxide titrated, cm³ ± zero. 10 cm³| 24. 1| 24. 5| 24. 4| Table you: The intial volume and final amount of sodium hydroxide titrated

Data Control

5. Equation to get the reaction = H₃NO₃S & NaOH -> Na₃NO₃S & H₂O 5. Average amount of sodium hydroxide titrated = 24. 5 cm3+24. 4 cm32 = 24. a few cm³

* Quantity of mole sama dengan Molarity times Volume

Number of gopher of H₃NO₃S for twenty-five cm³ of NaOH

sama dengan 0. 12 moldm-3 by 24. 5 cm3 back button 10 -3

=0. 002445 mol

Quantity of mole of H₃NO₃S to get 250 cm3 of NaOH

= 0. 002445 25 by 250 cm³

sama dengan 0. 02445 mol

* Comparative Molecular Mass of H₃NO₃S = MassMole

= installment payments on your 4024 g ± zero. 0001g zero. 02445 mol = 98. 24

Error Examination

* Uncertainness for volume of amidosulphuric chemical p in pipette = ±0. 05cm³

So , percentage error for amount amidosulphuric acid in pipette...

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