Amusement Area Industry

 Amusement Area Industry Article

22nd May well, 2010




• The leisure industry in India is at a growing level currently with additional and more improvements happening from this industry all over the country. • The size of the Indian Amusement Park organization is approximated to be about Rs 4000 crores which is estimated to grow by simply 10% per cent per annum until 2010. • The enjoyment and amusement park industry can be deemed to be worth Rs. 10000 crores in India by 2020. Janaki Rao. U Analyst Equity Exploration Desk [email protected] com

• Currently for any population of 1. 15 billion in the country, you will find only a hundred and twenty amusement parks and 45 Friends and family Entertainment Centers. This indicates which the growth potential of American indian amusement and theme park sector is considerable. • Global leaders in entertainment theme parks and destinations like Universal Studios, Disney, Sony and Ripley Entertainment are mulling over opportunities of huge amounts of dollars in India taking into consideration the vast potential in this region. Private equity finance funds are usually aggressively 1 day resources to this sector. • The Indian small and big players in the Leisure Industry are looking at the huge growth potential of this sector in the next five years. • Growth of India's retail sector had been the main driving force intended for the entertainment industry in India. • Globally, household and worldwide tourists comprise more than 50 percent of the total footfall for popular amusement parks. • Transfer corridors just like expressways as well as the Metro collection are delivering an increasing number of people closer to entertainment hubs. • The excessive growth potential of the market in highly populated India will enhance tourism, interpersonal infrastructural creation as well as employment generation. The success and growth potential of this industry is producing into the creation of new manufacturers of entertainment parks' voyages in India.

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22nd May, 2010


1 ) Sector Summary 2 . Current Trends a few. Profile of top three Indian Corporations 4. SWOT Analysis a few. Conclusion

a couple of

22nd May possibly, 2010

1 ) Sector Review

Structure & Development

The amusement and theme park market in India is about 20 years old in fact it is relatively new when compared with its beginning in UNITED STATES & Europe. This industry found the roots in India during mid and late eighties when a couple of innovative business people took obstacle of pioneering few amusement parks in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. The growth with this industry started out only in the last decade and this happened perhaps during the advent of globalization when economic potential of the sociable capital were now being perceived.

A newly released market study research demonstrates that this market in India is growing for a rapid pace and over 120 amusement parks and water recreational areas are currently functioning in India. Out of these only 15% can be categorized in the " large parks" category, thirty percent as moderate size recreational areas and equilibrium 55% will be small size local leisure areas. Investments towards the tune of Rs 12, 000 crore are likely to flow into the household amusement and leisure sector by 2020 with about 500 new parks are required to come up across the nation. The Rs 4, 000-crore Indian amusement and enjoyment industry wants fresh expenditure of Rs 10, 1000 crore by the year 2020. In terms of employment generation, the new parks are likely to create jobs for 6 crore man-hours per month.

Approximately the total capital investment manufactured in the leisure and theme park industry in India until date, is far more than INR 40 billion (excluding expense on land). The believed annual earnings generated at this time industry is usually approx INR 20 billion dollars, at present, which is expected to grow to nearly three times by the year 2020 at a CAGR of over 11%.


22nd May, 2010

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