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Chapter five Objectives

Identity the three key regions of skin

Give a function for this cell types: keratinocyte, melanocyte, Merkel and Langerhans skin cells Id the outermost part of epidermis and be aware its functions

Understand what happens in the assise basale

Identity the two levels of the skin

Define the next: papillary part, dermal papillae, reticular layer, melanin, carotene, hypodermis Distinguish between merocrine, apocrine, ceruminous and mammary sweat glands; and sweat glands

Understand that hair expands from a hair follicle and contains a core, emballage and cuticle Discuss the main functions from the integumentary program; be able to clarify HOW body temp is definitely regulated; WHAT metabolic features it provides, and many others

Chapter 6 Bones & Skeletal Tissue

Compare the structure of cartilage to bone framework in general What are the three useful types of cartilage; in which are they located Discuss the means of classifying bones- long, short, level, irregular. Know the major functions of bone, especially as related to Florida homeostasis Compare spongy versus compact bone

Be able to give the role the fact that main bone tissue cells include: osteogenic cellular material, osteoblasts, osteoclasts, osteocytes; what is osteoid

Given a plan of a lengthy bone, be able to label difficulties components: diaphysis, epiphysis, epiphyseal line/plate, periosteum, endosteum, medullary cavity, yellow marrow, reddish colored marrow Be able to identify the microscopic physiology of compact bone, including the layout of your osteon; discover fig. 6th. 6 intended for the parts Understand the inorganic part of cuboid gives it the hardness; understand it is calcium mineral salts (calcium phosphate) aka hydroxyapatites Compare the two methods of bone tissue formation: intramembranous and endochondral ossification. You need to understand: what is formed from every single method; main differences in beginning material; big steps necessary in setting up each cuboid

Understand in endochondral ossification, you first must remove the fibrous connective tissue cartilage, dig out a cavity,...

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