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Slave Errant Ads

Depending on the advertises for the return of runaway slaves, I can notice that the slaves were considered as property. They will advertised on their behalf as if that they had lost an animal or something of that character. They had rewards for anyone who could return these people just as we would for a lacking pet. Personally i think like in the eyes with the owner they'd no legal rights and could be of equal or less value as a family pet. Slaves were viewed as things more than while humans. I could see in one ad a reward intended for the beheading of a absent slave. I think that only proved simply how much slave owners viewed their very own slaves. Staying willing to give someone money for the return of the head of another individual proves simply how much you don't maintain that person. In fact , it shows how heartless they can be towards them. With slave owners viewing slaves as house you would think they would not know everything with them, require owners understood quite a bit of the " property”. They recognized the height, build, skin color, and certain markings on the missing persons. They also knew certain things that the slaves experienced took with them as well as the possible location of the slaves. Then again if you assert something as your property you would know everything about it, thus that's understandable. Then they could have a certain advantages for bringing the slave back to their rightful owner. I discovered one of the benefits was 6d or 6 pence; this is worth about 3. 86 current us dollars. I'm not sure if that was considered a lot in those days but today you possibly can consider that to be virtually worthless in today's time. So to wrap almost everything into one, the attitude toward slaves had been both tough and heartless. They were looked at, as well as remedied, as property and no more than that.

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