Essay upon Violence

Erick Perez

English 282 AD


March eleven, 2014


San Mateo usually Isn't a very violent place, or so I believed. Two years ago at the Street Timothy carnival I was robbed at knifepoint by a lot of punk within a black hoodie. I was jogging up to a popcorn stand to get some silk cotton candy once i felt a hand on my shoulder the other sharp against my again, I attempted turning around to see who also it was yet he quickly pushed myself back around and informed me to stand still while he researched my pouches for money. Some thing he don't realize was that I myself had a knife in my clothing that I taken with me constantly, while he wasn't seeking I come to into my wallet and pulled the knife away and flipped towards him. As soon as this individual saw what I was possessing he took off running, there after day I actually never went anywhere unarmed. In " Crime as well as the cure from the Soul, ” Charles Colson explains how he believes that incarcerating criminals is not the solution, he feels that these " criminals” dedicate illegal crimes due to each of the poverty and oppression in our great nation. I for just one agree with what Colson needs to say, I don't think it's fair to any or all of our people to have to pay for these scammers while that they live at no cost in a cellular while we all work the butts off. Someone who My spouse and i don't go along with would be Linda M. Hasselstrom in her article " A tranquil woman talks about why your woman carries a weapon, ” Hasselstrom argues that everyone should carry a gun or at least very own one. I really believe that the girl with mistaken mainly because most of the people during my own community already own guns and I don't see the crime charge going down just like she explains it would. Out from the two articles or blog posts I believe Charles Colson's is the best solution mainly because if scammers were given a chance to join an application where they could get assist with their complications they would think twice about committing against the law after being released. If you haven�t yet observed crime rates had been rising swiftly in a lot the community's throughout the these types of...

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