Acoustic Vibrations in Gas Pipelines

 Essay about Acoustic Vibrations in Gas Pipelines

Diary of Properly Vibration (1995) 184(2), 343–368

HIGH EXTRAVAGANCE VORTEX-INDUCED PULSATIONS IN A GAS TRANSPORT SYSTEM P. C. K, Meters. C. A. M. P, A. H  A. P. T. W Eindhoven University of Technology, T & S 1 . 53, P. To. Box 513, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

A. I, G. R  Ur. P University or college ‘La Sapienza', Via Eudossiana 18, 00184 Rome, Italy

 J. C. B

TPD/TNO, P. O. Field 155, 2600 AD Delft, The Netherlands (Received 17 January 1994, and in final type 7 06 1994) Excessive Reynolds quantity, low Mach number gas flows in pipe systems with shut down side divisions exhibit amazing low regularity self-sustained pulsations driven by periodic vortex shedding for specific principles of the Strouhal number. A detailed study is usually presented from the behaviour of the flow within a system with two opposite closed part branches of equal size in a mix configuration. For junctions with sharp and rounded corners the traditional acoustic flow velocity amplitude is just like the main flow velocity. A two-dimensional potential flow model based on the vortex blob method, used to simulate the flow inside the junction, explains accurately the flow visualization and laser beam Doppler info obtained in pipes with square cross-sections and with sharp edged junctions. The numerical ruse is used to calculate the acoustical electricity generated by vortical flow at specific amplitude of the acoustic speed field and Strouhal number. In reality, to get a pulsation with constant amplitude, this power is well balanced by the viscothermal losses and acoustic light, which is the foundation for the indirect measurement of the supply power. It is shown that, for the traditional acoustic amplitude noticed, radiation deficits due to the generation of non-resonating harmonics by wavesteepening must be taken into account in the energy stability. This finding is confirmed by the physical appearance of impact waves in the geometry with rounded sides. 7 1995 Academic Press Limited


The modern day research project was initiated by occurrence of severe flow-induced pulsations in one of the compressor stations of the In. V. Nederlandse Gasunie, which will operates the gas travel system of holland. Measurements simply by Gasunie indicated that pulsations took place in the presence of sealed side branches. In a previous study, Bruggerman et al. [1–4] identified the tandem-branch configuration demonstrated in Figure 1, two closed side-branches of duration L located at a distance 2mL apart, with m an integer quantity, as a critical configuration by which acoustics velocity amplitudes uac could reach ˆ beliefs comparable to the primary flow speed U0�. The specific case m = zero, which will � In practice uac is determined in the acoustic pressure amplitude pac measured at the end of a closed side ˆ ˆ part by using the estimation uac = pac /r0 c0, where r0 is the mean denseness and c0 is the acceleration of sound. ˆ ˆ


0022–460X/95/270343 + 26 $12. 00/0 7 95 Academic Press Limited


. .   .

Determine 1 . The best excited traditional modes for cross and tandem area branch angles.

be called the cross-junction geometry, continues to be studied experimentally by Chen [5] and Ziada and Buhlmann [6]. ¨ It has been demonstrated by Bruggeman [2] which a simplified (single vortex) style for the flow in the junction attaching the main tube and the aspect branch can be used to predict the Strouhal circumstances for traditional acoustic resonance as well as the order of magnitude from the pulsation level. Furthermore, the theory was used to explain qualitatively the dramatic influence of the angles of the junction's edges for the pulsation level. This ended in the design of extremely efficient termes conseilles which can be placed at the upstream edges with the junctions to lower or stop pulsations. Alternative geometries of spoilers possess later recently been proposed by simply Jungowski ou al. [7, 8]. In the present daily news we focus on a more quantitative description of the flow in the junction making use of the two-dimensional...

References: 1 . T. C. B, A. G. J. W and J. G 1986 AIAA tenth Aeroacoustics Seminar, Seattle, Wa, 9–11 September, AIAA daily news 86-192. Home sustained low frequency reverberation in low Mach number gas flow through pipelines with side branch major. 2 . M. C. B 1987 Ph level. D. Thesis, Eindhoven School of Technology. Flow activated pulsations in pipe devices. 3. T. C. B, A. H, M. At the. H.  D, A. P. J. W and J. G 1989 Log of Essential fluids Engineering 111, 484–491. Circulation induced pulsations in gas transport devices: analysis with the influence of closed area branches. 4. J. C. B, A. H, M. E. They would.  D, A. L. J. W and M. G 1991 Journal of Sound and Oscillation 150, 371–393. Self-sustained aero-acoustic pulsations in gas transport systems: fresh study from the influence of closed part branches. your five. Y. D. C 1980 In Procedures of the Conference, seminar on Working experience with Flow-induced Vibrations, (E. Naudascher and D. Rockwell, editors), 265–279. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. Experiences with flow-induced vibrations at sulzer. 6. S. Z and E. Capital t. B¨ 1992 Journal of Fluids and Structures six, 583–601. Self-excited resonances of two side-branches in close proximity. six. W. M. J, K. K. B and Watts. S 1989 Journal of Sound and Sto? 131, 265–285. Cylindrical side-branch as tone generator. eight. W. Meters. J and W. S 1989 U. S. Patent No . 486 71 85: Damping pressure pulsations in piping devices. 9. A. J. C and P. S. B 1973 Journal of Computational Physics 13, 423–429. Discretisation of a vortex sheet, with an example of roll-up. 10. 3rd there�s r. K 1987 Journal of Fluid Mechanics 184, 123–155. Computation of vortex bed sheet roll-up within the Trefftz planes. 11. Meters. C. A. M. P 1993 Ph. D. Thesis, Eindhoven University or college of Technology. Aeroacoustic options in internal flows. doze. M. S i9000. H 1975 Journal of Fluid Mechanics 71(4), 625–673. Contributions to the theory of aerodynamic appear with applications to extra jet sound and the theory of the flute.


. .   .

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