Bangladesh: My Country My own Pride

 Bangladesh: My Country My personal Pride Dissertation


Bangladesh is definitely my motherland country. Bangladesh is between India, Myanmar and the These types of of Bengal. A republic in south Asia, Bangladesh was previously East Pakistan, one of the five provinces in which Pakistan was divided at its creation, when Britain's former Indian Empire was partitioned that kicks off in august 1947. East Pakistan and the four traditional western provinces were separated can be 1600 kilometres of Of india territory. East Pakistan was formed from the ex - Indian region of East Bengal as well as the Sylhet districts of Assam. Although the East was more populous, federal government was situated in West Pakistan. From the very inception of its formation, language continued to be the most difficult issue.

Same status for Bengali language with Urdu and British was the demand and the activity involving most sections of the folks of East Pakistan offered a reach call on 21 years old Feb, 1952. On that all day, authorities fire over a student's rally and several pupils died. Since that time the day continues to be observed as the Language time. East Pakistan became and independent organization named Bangladesh on 16, December, 1971, following detrimental war by which India definitely supported the East.

Bangladesh is the second largest Muslim country in the world. Dhaka, with 2000 mosques, is known as the city of mosques. Tribal Shanti Bahini guerrillas fighting to get autonomy in the Chittagong Hillside Tracts surrendered in Feb 1998, closing as 25- year insurgency that claimed more than 8500 lives. In-may 1997 cyclone battered Bangladesh coast killing over a thousand people and 1, 500, 000 destitute. Floods in 1998 stranded 35 million people and murdered about truck.

In the late 1980s, Bangladesh continued to be called the " largest poorest” country and to always be singled out since " the test case for expansion. ” A whole lot that got happened in the economy since freedom in 1971 reinforced the wish that the country would sooner or later its reliance on foreign help and would approach comparative self-sufficiency. At the same time, success can be...

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