Bearing Capability

 Bearing Capacity Essay


Dr . T. K. Prasad

Professor of Civil Architectural

S. M. College of Engineering, Mysore

7. 0 Syllabus

1 . Meaning of ultimate, net and safe bearing capacities, Allowable bearing pressure 2 . Terzaghi's and Brinch Hansen's bearing capacity equations – Assumptions and Constraints 3. Bearing capacity of footings exposed to eccentric loading 4. A result of ground water table in bearing capacity

5. Menu load test out, Standard Penetration Test, Cone Penetration Check (8 Hours)

7. 1 Definitions

Bearing capacity is definitely the power of groundwork soil to hold the pushes from the superstructure without undergoing shear failing or extreme settlement. Foundation soil is the fact portion of floor which is exposed to additional stresses when foundation and superstructure are constructed on the ground. Listed below are a few important terminologies associated with bearing capacity of garden soil. | | |[pic] | |Fig. six. 1: Primary components of a structure including soil

7. 1 . 1 Ultimate Bearing Capacity (qf): It is the maximum pressure that a groundwork soil may withstand devoid of undergoing shear failure.

several. 1 . two Net best Bearing Capability (qn): It is the maximum extra pressure (in addition to initial overburden pressure) that a foundation soil can easily withstand without undergoing shear failure. qn = qf - qo

Here, qo represents the overburden pressure at basis level which is equal to ТЇD for level ground with no surcharge wherever ТЇ is the unit fat of ground and G is the interesting depth to groundwork bottom by Ground Level.

six. 1 . three or more Safe Bearing Capacity (qs): It is the safe extra weight the...

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