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Edward Bellamy's Searching Backward: 2000-1887 focuses on a man of the nineteenth century, Julian West, who also awakens in the year 2000 following sleeping for 113 years. When Julian West wakes in the year 2000, he finds that the capitalist society through which he had recently lived have been eradicated and transformed into a socialist world where the challenges of his era no longer exist. Over the novel, Edward cullen Bellamy address the issues of a contemporary society stricken simply by economic hardship and interpersonal injustice simply by introducing a utopian society that gets rid of unequal distributions of riches, war, greed, starvation and malevolence. This kind of utopian world features a fiscal structure which has consolidated multiple corporations into a single conglomerate regulated by the government, by which citizens are situated in careers based on their interest and skill set. Each individual contributes to, and shares in the spoils of, a ordinaire industrial program. Instead of cash, citizens are given equal levels of credit, which they can use upon any purchase of their deciding on however if an individual is unable to handle the credit that is allocated to all of them, the individual will be given much less credit. In the book, Bellamy's eye-sight for financial equality and individual independence comes from improving universal education while featuring everyone with the same chances. He details a system that uses bonuses such as modifications to labor hours and forms of benefits through medals and elevates to motivate individuals to knuckle down however My spouse and i find that Bellamy does not consider individual dissimilarities and mother nature.

Edward Bellamy's idea that in the event that incentives and

The equal circulation of home leads to what Bellamy sees as a greatly morally improved society without money and without private enterprises. In this society, people improve pride instead of for money. Additionally , the devoted desire to serve the government as well as the common good has substituted the profit purpose. Whereas the...

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