Ben Franklin and His Personality "Poor Richard"

 Ben Franklin and His Character «Poor Richard» Essay

Midterm Revision

Ben Franklin wonderful character " Poor Richard" differ considerably from Rip Van

Winkle. For instance, " Tear was all set Rip was ready to deal with anybody's organization but

his own; but as to doing family members duty, and keeping his farm to be able it was difficult. " pg

457. I chose this passage since Ben Franklin has usually taken his hard of ambition to

the next level. In contrast, Copy has proven to be lazy and in addition pays more attention to additional

people jobs than he will to his own. Copy shows insufficient interest to his family members duty and he

has tested not to attention as much just like he ought to because friends and family comes first by any means matters.

Rip Van wrinkle basically wants to walk around to relish freedom and relaxation. As being a

end result, of Copy having always to do chores of others, Rip's home under no circumstances gets fixed and his

farm always stays the same. On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin was self –taught

through everything that this individual ever accomplished. He has long been family person and a tough

member of staff. Also, he has often challenged him self to improve. Dernier-ne Franklin features too

much pleasure to be concerned about other people's business but his own. Franklin was as well busy

with personal tasks to concern himself with others. Franklin, yet , did learned from other

people mistakes to create wonderful maxims of his individual words. This maxim " There are laid back

minds as well as sluggish bodies" features the verse because it emphasis that

Franklin lost no time in his life and provided greatness in his function. In contrast, Copy

was just the reverse lazy and worthless. " Times grew worse and worse with Rip Vehicle

Winkle as years of matrimony thrown on; a tart temper never mellows with era, and a

sharp tongue is a only edged tool that grows keener with constant use" pg. 458.

Now, I chose this passing because it mementos Rip Van Winkle. Grab character is usually classified like a very lazy man. Most people mellow with era, as their get older there are so many within their lifestyle. As for Rip, he does not do anything to raised himself being a person. It was well known that marriage was a burden to Rip because from his point of view Copy wife having nag a lot of the times manufactured his existence intolerable. As well, he is not a man that uses a good choice of phrases when relates to his wife. In contrast, Franklin would usually practice learning new things is obviously as a great adaption to new alterations. He was a good man in front of large audiences and his family members. I chose this maxim " Do it today" because it won't take the next day to make a enhancements made on your life, when you are capable of creating it happened today. " Grab Van Winkle, however , was one of those happy mortals of foolish, well-oiled

dispositions, who take those world convenient, eat white colored bread or brown, whatever can be got

with feast thought or difficulty and will want to starve on a penny than work for a pound. "

pg. 457

Finally, I chose this kind of passage because I believe the need to work hard dwells upon

earning something that is well deserve. Bill Franklin has always stands strong behind his

words because he is considered to be a hardworking, passionate man. He would rather

work hard to earn his needs than to let low income overtakes him. However , Copy van winkle

would prefer to starve over a penny than work for a pound. Tear would take the world incredibly

lightly of merely letting times because of his procrastination. Also, He would perform whatever this

will take to avoid labor. Rip truck wrinkle develop an attitude of idles and careless. Inside the

verse, the author was quoted since saying, " a penny saved is a cent earned" as it

relate to Franklin in manners of working hard is to attain and to completed a goal.

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