Ana Code of Ethics Summary

 Ana Code of Integrity Summary Composition


You will find nine provisions included in the CHOIX code of ethics. The provisions could be broken into three types. The 1st category may be the nurse's honest responsibilities with her patient which is provisions 1 through 3. Second may be the nurse's accountability to herself, provisions several through half a dozen. The third ethical requirement for nurses is related to their very own relationship for the nursing profession, community, nation, and community overall. This focus is definitely summarized in provisions eight through eight [ (American Rns Association, 2013) ]. Provisions 1-3

The first 3 provisions relate to the nurse's responsibility to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of that person's background, ethnicity, or the nature or severity of their disease, as well as producing the patient the principal concern and advocating for these people. There is absolutely no area for discrimination in the nursing jobs profession. " One of the easiest principles of distributive rights is that of stringent or major equality. The principle says that every person should have similar level of material goods and services” [ (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2012, p. 83) ]. The Bible as well supports the principle of treating others with dignity and admiration as stated in 1 Pet 2: 17a: " Present proper value to everybody. " One other aspect of treating everyone pretty relates to showing compassion. Among the Bible compared to that speaks to the compassion we are to exhibit others can be 1 Peter 3: almost 8 " Finally, all of you, always be like-minded, become sympathetic, love one another, always be compassionate and humble. " Nurses should always place their very own patients initial. I have found many nursing staff over the years that contain placed their own jobs and careers in danger to stand up to a physician or an organization to fight for precisely what is right for someone. The Holy bible tells us never to only take care of others but for put their needs before our. Phil. two: 3-4 declares " Do nothing out of selfish desire or vain conceit. Rather, in...

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