Book Report

 Book Statement Essay

No Quite Pictures by simply Anita Lobel

Published by Avon Ebooks in 1998, 193 pages


Anita Lobel's book is written onto her childhood and experiences through the Holocaust. Various reviews say the book is a powerful and good examine for all readers.

The publication report has been written intended for Mrs. L American Record 9 class. I chose this book because it was written from the author's activities as a small, Jewish girl.

In the book No Pretty Pictures, Anita Lobel tells her story like a Jewish kid growing up during the Holocaust. She produces of how her life would forever change from a girl who everything the lady ever needed, to a young lady who thought she'd never make it out alive or see her family again. Anita and her friends and family have been lucky to have not really been trapped by the Nazis yet. While her mom's family starts to be deported, their mom is scared they'll be captured sooner or later, and sends Anita and he brother off to be with their very own Niania. Their very own Niania just isn't Jewish, although loves all of them dearly, which is afraid to be caught aiding the Judaism people, thus they moved from place to place constantly. Just as they start to feel safe, the Nazis found all of them. Anita and her sibling were removed from their Niania, and in the prison of Mantelupi. Anita and her brother will later end up being moved to two other spots. Finally, in April, American soldiers came to take all the Jewish criminals out of the camp, and to Laxa, sweden. There, Anita and her brother slept at a hospital to get better; they both equally had tuberculosis. As period went by, Anita got talking to her family back in Krakow balice. At first, Anita didn't such as the thought of giving Sweden, yet she realized she would need to. When her brother got better, and their American visas came, Anita and her family were ready to leave intended for America. Anita has never returned to Poland ever since.

The book was interesting and there was by no means a uninteresting moment. The book really was enjoyable, as it came from the author's personal...

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