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1 . 1 ) Straight series distance between the Broham place and trig beacon is definitely calculated simply by measuring the map length which is 9cm then convert it using the scale which is roughly 2degrees 30minutes in actual distance(2⁰30′) 1 . 2 . Area of a rectangle is L multiplied by W (L×w)which can be 12cm ×6. 5cm We all convert first both measurements to real distance

Which is 12÷ (1×25000) ×6. 5÷ (1×25000)

= (12×25000)× (6. 5×25000)

=300 000 ×162 500


=4875square kilometre

1 . 3. The absolute location of your place is the immediate situation which can be figured by the use of amounts to accurately state the position of a place. In this question the spot level 873 in block j7 is located in 30⁰58′E 25⁰29′S

1 . 4. 4⁰45′

1 . 5 first you attract a range to hyperlink spot height 1027 in block C6 and trig beacon 97 in block C5 after which draw a slanting line which become a member of beacon 97 and the direct line in the foot from the spot elevation 1027 lean =rise⁄step=3. 5cm⁄2cm=1. 75cm The gradient between spot height 1027 and trig beacon 97 = 1 . 75cm Question two

2 . one particular scale in the aerial photos =focal length⁄ flight altitude=91. 2mm⁄4900000mm= installment payments on your 2 To get the actual height of the warehouse building in meters, one needs to convert all the measurements given in meters as well as for us to able to convert these we need a scale first Formulafor scale = focal length⁄ flight hohe which is =95. 3mm⁄5180m All of us convert 5180 to millimeter which is =5180000mm

Then decrease the proportion to the list that is certainly 1⁄50000

The size =1⁄50000

Then we convert the distance among principal stage and the peak That...

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