C doze Electrical Power System Final Wor

 C doze Electrical Power Program Final Wor Essay

п»їElectrical Power System

By Cameron j. Cooper

The electric powered system for the C-12 can be described as 28 watt system. Additionally, it has solitary phase, four hundred hertz, 115 volt and 26 volt AC electricity systems. The AC electric power is given by two inverters. The main twenty eight volt electrical energy for the C-12 comes from any combination of:

-One 28 volt, 42 amp hour lead acidity battery or One twenty eight volt, 34 amp hour nickel radium battery (depending on the model);

-Two seite an seite 28 watt, 250 amplifying device starter power generators on each engine;

-One exterior (ground power) 28 watt, power container.

The electric battery is used like a back up to the starter power generators while in flight or can be utilised for earth operations. It can be connected to the warm battery coach regardless of the battery relay location. The hot battery pack bus powers the engine fire extinguishers, firewall shutoff valves, access and valuables lights, lighting, modifications, ground communications, RNAV memory to older avionics and life boost sends. The hot shuttle bus also offers the battery power relay that allows the battery to run other power systems certainly not connected to the sizzling bus.

External 28v DC electricity may be provided to the aircraft through an exterior power container on the underside of the correct wing, merely outboard with the nacelle. This is used just on the ground, mostly for maintenance but may be used in the event the battery is dead. When connected, the earth power relay must be turned on to supply capacity to the system. The floor power relay uses power from the external power (ofcourse not from some of the DC buses) to energize the relay. This really is done because in a situation in which the battery was dead, the battery could hardly energize the ground power relay.

The battery or perhaps ground power can be used to get starting both engine with the starter generator. This is made by passing power through the primary battery coach (starter bus) and is regulated by the starter relay for the related engine. Once one engine is started out, the electrical generator comes on the internet and can then be...

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