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Ford Pinto Ethics Case Research

Dickey M. Sours Junior.

Business Values Course

The Honda Pinto styles had the placement of the gasoline tank at the rear of the rear axle. The gas tank situation has allowed the projecting bolts to puncture the tank when the vehicle was struck from the rear. The Ford Engine Company got decided not to replace the fuel reservoirs design area in order to reduce the production costs. Ford Motor unit Company decided there would be a savings of around $20. 9 million us dollars. Between the numerous years of 1971 and 1978 the Ford Motor unit Company confronted about 60 lawsuits in connection to the Ford Pinto collisions. Numerous question is definitely who is responsible or conscious of the design faults of the fuel tank position. Furthermore precisely what are the ethical dilemmas connected with this case study? I hope to ascertain whether Ford was to to take responsiblity for Ford Pinto collision effects.

To be able to understand the moral dilemmas which might be addressed in the Ford Pinto case, we should identify the individuals that have tasks within the circumstance. The Kia Motor Organization would be among the obvious stakeholders of the ethical decisions built. Mr. Iacocca (Executive Vice President) made the decision to move upon with the creation of the Pinto because he sensed the research conducted within the supervision of Mr. Robert Alexander (VP of Engineering) were feasible. Later, an ex Ford engineer, Harley Copp testified that Ford management's decision to proceed with all the Pinto creation was a decision made with understanding of the weaknesses of the fuel tanks to being punctured by the protruding bolts of differential. And it was later validated that the crash test results were sent up to the administration. The Honda management resolved to deviate from changing the design as it wasn't inexpensive. Another stakeholder that may have experienced a strong affect on the decision made by the Ford managing is the investors. As a aktionar you stand for part title of the firm. Shareholders could have made a financial influence upon Mr. Iacocca's decision to stay the production from the Pinto. If the shareholders threatened to sell their particular shares if the decision was different, then in turn you’re able to send stock worth would plummet. What are the dilemmas posed from the cultural relativism? Does society look at those actions taken by Honda Company appropriate? The people possess proven that truth is the best practice once conducting organization, so therefore the simple truth is relative. In cultural relativism you must compare systems of law, governmental policies and the beliefs within the environment. Take pertaining to instances, the us government has established the Truth in Transactions Act (TINA). TINA was enacted for the purpose of providing full and good disclosure by contractors inside the conduct of negotiations with all the Government.

Shareholders almost certainly looked at the effects of the decisions of the Ford management. In doing so , all their actions could be viewed as teleology. The investors took in account in the purpose of your decision or the outcome. Which end result would advantage them the best?

Everyone that was involved with the Ford Pinto dilemmas encountered deontological integrity. They would have already been faced with problem of, happen to be my actions moral which is it my own obligation to make the right decision. We are all faced with this decision on a daily basis. Experts at Cornell have identified that people make an average of 226. 7 decisions regarding food only. I know that the decision about food doesn't compare to the decision that was faced by Ford, I needed you to learn how frequently decisions are made simply by our brains.

To summarize, I believe which the Ford managing did not make the right decision simply depending on the honest category meanings. Teleology basically states that you'll look at the implications and whether acting pertaining to the greater good. And staying true to cultural relativism Ford was not acting pertaining to the great of good, because you can...


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