Situations 11 Boston Lyric Ie

 Cases 11 Boston Lyric Opera Composition

Case xx - Boston Lyric Opera

Depended on digh donations via board people

Opera is very expensive to produce

Founded in 1976

Mission affirmation BLO

BLO has 46 doard of directors and 51 panel of overseers

98 expanded transferred theatre. Coming from 890 -> 1500 car seats

BLO is definitely the fastest growning firm

BLO challenges:

More subcribers to doners

Attact more financing

Contemplate a 2200 chair facility

Participants of the BSC process

Janice (general director, generating force)

Sue (introduced the BSC to BLO)

Ellen (highly experienced with BSC in NPO

Ken (want a more formal planning process)

Tactical Themes at BLO

Consumer perspective

Develop faithful and ample individuals (Try to target donors, enhance involvment)

Build the BLO reputation internationally (Launch exclusive program with best skill, diversity, pair of standard)

Reach the boston area community ( Build community support,


Advantages of BSC: Acquire people improved, make leading position decline initiatives mainly because not correlates to the BSC Challenges: Many people don't like the BSC (especially older), no one want to be control, some experts are the opera will loss the soul, damage creativity Additional disadvantage in BSC: Need to communicate to employees, this them enhanced etc . Maybe the said in the back of the space, not managed

Are people energized? Younger types are, not older. Overall empowers them

Q5. Interactive strategy

Essential of advancement BSC

Participation of the top rated management

Group job

Actions in NPO


Higher number of consumers, children helped, etc .


NPO measures could be quantified, foreign exchange. Customer satisfaction, Indeks over doners/ (change in donors/donors) &

Endeavours (how to achieve target even though methods)

Actions/initiatives to get to a higher target (code of conduct, events etc . )


Target is exclusive performance, -> Define precisely what is unique efficiency

Group 3

Launch a unique...

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