Celebrity Analysis Paper

Cory Rodriguez


Prof Beth Preminger

Presentation 1

January 13, 2013

What is a Superstar? Well in my opinion a Celebrity is actually a famous person who will be best known pertaining to something he has accomplish in their life and being extensively honored and acclaimed. In today's society we now have a lot of famous celebrities who have are well known for things they may have accomplish that will make us society look more into these people, the type of music these famous people come up with, the type of movies/TV displays they make, clothing line and much more. I think nowadays celebrities is usually obsessed mainly because some people is going to do anything to turn into famous and be like their designer celebrity. Personally i think like this mainly because everywhere I go there is known as a celebrity's face. Celebrities are becoming a billion dollars dollar sector for internet websites, television shows, and magazines. This is just what makes people in today world have such a fascination with modern-day celebrities. But some celebrities have a positive result in today society. Some celebrities have been completely called a " Hero” since some of them give inspiration and a few are non-profit. An example of a celeb inspiration is usually their music. Music and musicians is among the important factors in providing motivation because nowadays people locate music a " Leading man because when people are going through hard times music is always something that will be there for them and help them cope with their scenario. I could review this to my life since when I am going through a lot of hard times in my life I notice music and some of the music lyrics I actually hear is definitely describing how I feel and the things i am going through. Music allows me express how I experience when I am sad, completely happy, stress, depress, and in like. Sometimes Let me tell what type of person is somebody by the music they tune in to and this can be best shown. In today's culture there are a lot of different types of genres that can describe everybody. I appreciate the type of superstars we have today and their very good music...

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