Citing Sources and Paraphrasing

 Citing Resources and Paraphrasing Essay

ESL 21b- Citing Where you got the information and Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing- preserve the author's which means, but work with your own words. 2. Change Elements of Speech

* Modify Sentence Structure

2. Use synonyms (but sparingly) В

UNIQUE Paragraph eleven Page 6th

" Americans are taught to conceive of themselves separate individuals, and they assume all others in the world is too. ” (6)

Acceptable or Not Acceptable? Why?

1 ) Althen explains Americans happen to be trained to imagine themselves as separate people, plus they assume everybody else in the world is really as well. (6)

2 . Althen explains that individuals in the United States are taught to think about themselves as distinct by others, plus they assume everybody else in the world is actually. (6).

several. Americans expand up believing that they and everyone else is a world are separate and distinct persons.

4. Althen maintains that Americans dislike to are part of an organization (6)

5. Althen asserts that American children are raised to think about themselves while distinct persons and they are likely to believe that everybody in the world sees themselves just as. (6) PARAPHRASE GROUP ACTIVITY В

With your group set a paraphrase for every quote.  Be sure to refer to your supply. Refer to your handout. 1 . " Us citizens are generally rapide with people they will see while passively receiving conditions which can be less than attractive. ”  (See paragraph up to 29, p. 10).

2 . " People with no Americans' action orientation typically see People in america as unhappy, " out and about, ” hardly ever satisfied, compulsively active, and frequently impatient. ” (See equiparable. 37, page 1 1).

3. " Americans assume that people ‘need some time to themselves' or ‘some period alone' to take into account things or to recover their spent mental energy. ” (See par. 16, site 8)

4. " Their symbole of equality lead Us citizens to be quite informal in their general behavior and in their very own relationships with other people. ” ( Discover par. twenty-one, page 9).

5. " Americans are generally less...

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