Criticle Analysis: Subway

 Criticle Examination: Subway Essay

Subway is entering the highly competitive fast food breakfast market. The complete market revenue for breakfast was approximately $25. 3 billion dollars in 2009 in addition to 2004, the fast-food portion outpaced non-fast food breakfast sales. Last season, fast-food breakfast sales symbolized 55 percent of the total market, yet , the breakfast market endured a 2 . 8 percent drop by 2008 to 2009. (1) Despite latest decline, researching the market firm Mintel, expects a 2 . 1 percent increase in for the coming year. (2) The major players in the fast-food breakfast industry are McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, White castle, and Hardees. Taco Bell, Wendy's, and Quiznos, have the ability to introduced lunch break products within the past two years. (2)

In a survey conducted by simply Mintel to determine what elements contribute any importance with their purchasing practices, freshness of food was 90 percent, convenient location was 86 percent, speed of service was 79 percent, menu variety was 78 percent, and low prices was 77 percent. (2) Except for menu range, all of these drivers are relative to Subway's current product collection and support style. Difficulty:

Subway is usually entering an extremely competitive industry that does not immediately coincide with the current brand image. They must identify what aspects of the industry to target and the way to position themselves to charm to those consumers.

A good solution can be one that does not pose any major risk to Subway's existing manufacturer or market share. It is more important that the option offers an affordable and low risk method for Subway to slightly maximize its product sales. Alternative alternatives:

Subway could decide to never enter the pret a manger breakfast market and maintain all their current position. This is the most trusted alternative inside the short run because it does not require and large opportunities. Subway would use the money they will save to boost marketing of current goods, or bring on a new item that does not deviate from the unique brand. However , given the reduced...

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