Style, Create, Populate, and Test a Relational Database

 Design, Make, Populate, and Test a Relational Database Essay



Unit Quantity and Title

BTEC Level 3

Nationwide Diploma

in IT (Applied)

Unit 18 - Assignment 2

Repository Design

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25th November 2014

27th January 2015

Learning Outcomes

LO2 - Manage to design, make and populate a relational database

LO3 - Be able to test a relational databases.

Assignment Title

Design, make, populate and test a relational databases

In this assessment you will have for you to provide proof against the following criteria. Reveal the webpage numbers the place that the evidence is available.

Criteria guide

To achieve the criteria the evidence need to show which the learner has the capacity to:

Task No .



Create and populate a database [SM2]



Import info from another source



Produce features in data access forms to make sure validity and integrity of information



Perform questions using multiple tables and multiple standards



Export data to an exterior source

three or more


Incorporate an advanced feature in a data source design



Apply an automated function



Test a relational databases [SM4, RL4]



Discuss just how potential problems in the style and construction of a databases can be prevented [IEI]



Evaluate a database against the specific user need


Spanish student Declaration

My spouse and i certify the work posted for this job is my own. I have evidently referenced any kind of sources employed in the work. I know that false declaration is a form of malpractice.

Learner Personal: Date: Project Title

Design and style, create, fill and illustrate the features of the relational database. Purpose of this assignment

The purpose of this device is to enable students to comprehend the features of relational databases and develop the necessary skills to design, produce, populate and test a relational database incorporating advanced features.

Process 3 - Scenario

Implement the repository design coming from task two in Ms Office Access

Job 3:

3. you

Implement the database design and style from task 2 in Microsoft Office Access by creating at least five tables.

Generate all the tables as determined in your data model

Build relationships and enforce referential integrity to allow cascade changing and removal of associated records Populate tables with valid and sensible test out data

Foreign trade all stand definitions to a Word record

This Provides evidence for [P3]

a few. 2

Make test info in a schedule and importance into the relevant tables. You need to document each step of the process of this procedure

This Provides evidence intended for [M2]

3. 3

Design and put into action all the forms (including in least one particular sub-form) that have been outlined in the Requirements Specs (see job 2 inside the Systems Analysis and Design assignment).

A consistent of fashion must be used to be able to create a professional image allowing users to interact with the device.

Your implementation must include for least 3 features for ensuring data validity.

Demonstrate and clarify your forms to your guitar tutor who will provide a witness affirmation confirming the success.

This gives evidence pertaining to [P4]

a few. 4

Conduct three various kinds of queries using multiple tables and multiple criteria to look and form data which might be required from your output requirements (see job 2 in the Systems Evaluation and Style assignment).

Demonstrate and describe your queries to your teacher who will supply a witness statement confirming the success.

This Provides evidence intended for [P5]

a few. 5

Foreign trade the benefits of a problem to another app.

This Provides data for [M3]

3. 6th

Design and implement all of the reports which were outlined inside the requirements excellent to ensure uniformity in line with your form styles.

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