Systems Analysis and Design

 Systems Evaluation and Style Essay

one particular INTRODUCTION


Corporation Name. Chinneys Schooler'stuff

Nature of Business. It is a retail and wholesale organization. The process starts from the owner purchases/orders from your supplier/manufacturer after which the owner sells the product for the customers that request the merchandise. It may be a direct selling from the shop to the consumer or delivery from the organization to the Customer. Owner. Nanette And. Molina

Contact information. 09185484775

Addresses. ALDP Plaza Mall, Diversion Road, Triangulo, Naga City Milestones.


Mission. The mission is always to help and provide the demands of the people. They do not only make a living to satisfy themselves but likewise to help others.

Vision. Its vision is to be one of the progressing businesses inside the Naga, inside our customers, and individuals of Naga. The business needs and demands the best they have to offer simply by always keeping the shoppers have what they need.

1 . 3 Objectives

- Aim 1

-- Goal a couple of

- Aim 3

-- Goal N

1 . some BACKGROUND IN THE CURRENT SYSTEM (discuss right here the current system/procedure being used by the organization)

The primary process of the business enterprise starts in the owner purchases/orders from the supplier/manufacturer and then the particular owner sells the item to the consumers that would like to buy the product. It is a direct selling in the shop to the consumer, where hand in hand transactions take place, the customer drops by the retail store and may offer the products through the business to the customer. They manually write the consumers, sales, shipping and purchases in the business in papers. An additional process is usually checking and tracking the inventory by manually keeping track of the shares, sales and purchases by way of a workers if perhaps products are omitted or obtained.

two System Evaluation

2 . you STATEMENT FROM THE PROBLEM (Explain what needs/problems you are attempting to solve, and why these types of needs /problems are really worth solving)

Problem Areas of the Existing System as well as Existing...

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