Disciplinary Action

 Disciplinary Action Essay

several. 6 Willpower Policy


To ensure that everyone who associated with same errors or commit the same infractions of coverage are treated with persistence..


All employees happen to be covered beneath this coverage.


Your head of HOURS Policy, is in charge of implementing the discipline coverage and ensuring adherence to A. K. KHAN & CO. LTD. rules and philosophy.


The HUMAN CAPITAL Sincerity Policy

* Every single employee is needed to make a personal commitment to comply with you can actually Code of Conduct. 2. Obey the applicable law / regulations governing each of our business carry out worldwide. 5. Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all activities and associations. * Steer clear of all issues of interest between work and personal affairs. * Foster an environment in which similar opportunity reaches up to every member of the A. K. KHAN & CO. LTD. community. * Strive to create a secure workplace and to protect the planet. * Through leadership whatsoever levels, support a lifestyle where moral conduct is definitely recognized, respected and exemplified by all employees.

Staff Conduct – Discipline

I actually. The employee shall serve the Company honestly, faithfully and diligently, always action in the best interest with the Company, follow strictly by the rules and regulations in effect from time to time, keep good execute and willpower and generally conduct himself as well as herself based on the Sincerity policy.

II. Misconduct: Acts of Misconduct that are breaches of discipline get below. This is an indicative list and really should not end up being treated exhaustive. * Smoking in ‘No Smoking' areas.

* Theft, fraudulence or duplicity in connection with the organization. * Choosing or giving of bribes or perhaps an illegitimate gratification in any respect in connection with the Company or inside the employee's own interest. 2. Willful insubordination or disobedience of any reasonable buy of a remarkable. * Drunkenness, fighting or riotous, rowdy or indecent behavior while on duty or perhaps at the work environment. * Recurring neglect of.

* Usage of indecent terminology.

* Make use of indecent gestures.

* Sleeping on duty.

2. Disrespectful habit towards other employees and customers/ suppliers/ business companions. * Improper use of Organization property.

5. Intentionally creating damage of Company home.

* Open public conduct detrimental to the Company picture.

* Continuous deficiency without permission and without satisfactory cause for more than ten times. * Giving false data regarding one's name, grow older, father's identity, qualification or previous services at the time of the employment. 5. Leaving job without permission or sufficient reason. * Threatening, mistreating or assaulting any superior or co-associate. * Disclosure to any illegal person of any secret information in regards to the working or perhaps process of the corporation. * Failure to adhere to the data Security Coverage of the Firm.

Any infringement of self-discipline by the staff will result in disciplinary actions.


Personnel shall not beneath any circumstances, whether directly or indirectly, receive or perhaps accept to get benefit -- any commission rate, rebate, price cut, gratification or profit from anybody or Corporation having organization transactions or competition or perhaps clash appealing with the Business unless authorised to do so by the MD/Chairman. Constrained access to selected floors and Departments

For the sake of upkeep of confidentiality, all staff of one Division is anticipated to keep their visits to other Departments and specially to the supervision floor ( the 17th and 19th floor ) on a " need to only” basis, and should visit following taking agreement of access from the person he/she would like to meet. Needless waiting or loitering is definitely strongly disheartened.

Outfit Code

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