Essay in E-Government

EGovernment Data Quarterly twenty four (2007) 646 – 665

E-government exploration: Reviewing the literature, constraints, and methods forward Mete Yildiz ⁎

Department of Political Technology and Open public Administration, Hacettepe University, Poultry Available online twenty-three March 2007

Abstract This article claims to be both a review and a great agenda-setting part. It is contended that e-government research suffers from definitional vagueness of the e-government concept, oversimplification of the egovernment development operations within complex political and institutional surroundings, and various methodological limitations. In order to treat these issues, the article reviews the constraints in the e-government literature, and it implies ways frontward. To do so, the study critically evaluates the development and various explanations of the e-government concept. After discussing the constraints of the concept, methodological and conceptual remedies such as (i) better reviewing and detailing the processes of – and participation patterns in – e-government tasks within complex political conditions, (ii) handling the problem of under-specification inside the e-government literary works by the creation of even more grounded, scientific studies that might create fresh theoretical disputes and provide new concepts and categories so as to enhance the understanding of e-government policy processes and actors, and (iii) tying the main topic of e-government firmly to popular public supervision research happen to be suggested inside the final area of the analysis. © 2007 Elsevier Inc. Most rights arranged. Keywords: E-government; Literature review; Public operations and managing

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M. Yildiz / Government Details Quarterly twenty-four (2007) 646–665


1 . Introduction: technology use in authorities The objective of this article is to review the constraints in the e-government literature and provide suggestions regarding how to overcome all those limitations and come up with methodological and topical ointment suggestions in order to push the field additional into progressive research. Consequently, it claims to be the two a review and an agenda-setting article. Section of the problem this article deals with arises from the vagueness with the e-government idea (Aldrich, Bertot, & McClure, 2002, g. 351; Hwang, Choi, & Myeong, 1999, pp. 277–278). What is also lacking in the treating the subject is a more in-depth evaluation of the personal nature from the e-government creation processes, and a much deeper recognition of complex politics and institutional environments. However , e-government study up to date generally limited by itself to the examine of the results and outputs of the e-government projects. Hence, understanding the political processes in back of e-government expansion is vital for overcoming the two definitional and analytical constraints. Such an work requires a historic understanding of the partnership between technology and supervision. The rest on this introductory section presents a quick review. After sections present various definitions of egovernment, the limitations from the concept, and methodological and topical suggestions for future e-government research. Early students of technology1 regarded technological issues in government as a peripheral matter rather than being a core supervision function. Technology was seen as a means to deal with the limitations of bounded-rationality and offer the infrastructure for better decision making (Simon, 1976, p. 286). Basically, until the launch of the Net and common use of computers, the main aims of technology use in authorities were boosting the bureaucratic effectiveness of public facilitators while raising government productivity. Until then simply, the main make use of technology in government agencies was the...

Recommendations: Agranoff, R. (2004, March). Inside the procedure: Building grounded network theory. Paper offered at the American Society for Public Government National Convention, Portland, OR PERHAPS.

M. Yildiz / Govt Information Quarterly 24 (2007) 646–665


M. Yildiz / Authorities Information Quarterly 24 (2007) 646–665


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