Academic Article 1

 Academic Article 1

Maximilian Klein

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On the 9th of Feb 2010, video game developer 2 CARAT released their highly anticipated sequel towards the 2007 LAPTOP OR COMPUTER game of the year, BioShock (IGN, 2007). In its first days of discharge, BioShock 2 was the best-selling Xbox 360 game in both the UK and North America (Cowan, 2010), further contributing to the series' accomplishment. Both BioShock 2 and its predecessor had been praised for his or her artistic style and grasping story and were well received consequently. BioShock 2's success may be attributed to the original game's impact on the game playing scene, producing BioShock 2's commercialisation far better as a result. To be able to comprehend the text between the two games, an analysis among each game's respective video game covers will be made. By simply studying the semiotic similarities and differences between equally images, a knowledge of BioShock 2's critical and commercial success can be made. Just before critiquing these kinds of game protects however , suitable insight of semiotic terms and theory must be attained. In order to hold the semiotics behind an image one must have an appropriate understanding of ‘sign, ‘signified' and ‘signifier' (Saussure, 1916, p67). Saussure suggested that a sound image (signifier) in conjunction with the principle (signified) produces the overall signal which one can easily examine. Saussure further says that " the connection between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary. ” Because of this one cannot analyse a purely physical object as a sign without taking into account the mental concept behind it. Even though the connotations of certain visible stimulus change in ethnicities and persons, this dissertation will bottom its semiotic analysis of the aforementioned pictures from an average structuralist viewpoint derived from traditional western culture. In respect to Barthes (1972), a structuralist perspective is necessary to properly analyse a sign's which means, as it is...

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