ellora moments case

 ellora moments case Essay


Q1) Case Simple:

Ellora Period Pvt. Ltd., a company located in Gujarat, India was the planet's largest producer of lighting. Along with clocks, the organization also created calculators, telephones, timepieces and educational toys. Ajanta and Orpat were the 2 Ellora companies with a merged investment of Rs. 2 billion, located within a place named Morbi, exported their products to over 60 countries. Both Ajanta and Orpat received accolades by the GOI for outstanding export overall performance throughout the nineties. Ajanta, a great ISO 9002 certified business, received the Best Electronics Industry award often times. Ellora's goods were popular in the two Indian along with export marketplaces because of its production efficiencies. About 20% of Ellora's output was exported. From 1998, Ellora did start to import their spare parts, raw materials and parts from China instead of Japan, Korea and Taiwan because it provided not just top quality but also cheap prices.

Later it happened in 1999, the Of india Government taken out restrictions about import of electronic merchandise that led to flooding of Chinese items in American indian markets. Recycleables were charged a duty of 25%, so instead of adding raw materials from China, Ellora started to import parts from China, put together them in Morbi plant and sell all of them. As a consequence, Ellora was not able to cope with imports from China that competed directly with its goods. The endurance of the organization was vulnerable as it confronted serious complications. Hence, at the begining of 2001, Ellora decided to push their production base to China which will shocked the corporate world unfortunately he seen by Analysts also as a reasonable decision as it provided low-cost labor, high productivity and attractive govt subsidies. Ellora's decision fascinated immense media attention since it came at a time when the Indian manufacturing market faced serious competition from cheap Oriental imports. The 200-worker manufacturing plant in China produced physical parts for property appliances range which includes hair dryers, house heating elements, water heaters, normal water dispensers, electric fans, electric powered irons, unexpected emergency lamps, blenders, toasters, electrical kettles, washers, air coolers and floor cleaners which were to get marketed underneath the Orpat manufacturer.

Q2) 18 Factor Evaluation:

Following may be the analysis of plant site selection by Morbi, Gujrat:

1 . Proximity to Market segments:

a. 20% of the products produced were exported and because of availability of nearby ocean port vehicles cost was reduced. In any other case, for home-based sales marketplaces the plant was well linked via streets and railways to areas like Rajkot, Vadodara and Mumbai. installment payments on your Proximity to raw materials

3. Infrastructural facilities:

a. Electric power consumption of plant - 3, 1000 HP

w. Electricity - Provided by GEB

c. Water facility- near by river (Macchu)

4. Transport facilities:

a. Nearby significant cities had been Ahmedabad – 220 km and Rajkot – 67km b. The plant could be reached via

Road - 8A Nationwide Highway and SH six Highway

Sea - Kandla - hundratrettiofem km, Vavania - 91km, Navlakhi – 182 kilometres

Sky – Airport in Rajkot

five. Labor and Wages:

a. Manufacturing plants of ceramic and CFL made semi-skilled labor easily available in reasonable wages. 6. Laws and Taxation

7. Weather conditions:

a. Healthy and dry

n. Temperatures range - 11. 2В°C -- 41. 0В°C

c. Rainfall -- 0. 0 to 627. 0 (mm/month) - six months time of little or no or no rainwater d. Dried climate

e. Low humidity

8. Industrial and labor attitude:

a. Semi-skilled labor shows low level professionalism

9. Protection requirements:

a. Stringent safety and security measures taken by the supervision 10. Community facilities:

farreneheit. Schools and colleges designed for primary, second and higher education g. Medium-sized market intended for daily demands

h. Serenidad keeps the spiritual balance and serenity among the people 11. Community attitudes:

a. Education by any means levels and ladies empowerment motivated and people are regulation abiding doze. Supporting sectors and providers:

a. Not any supporting...

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