Energy Sustainability in the Uae

 Energy Sustainability in the Uae Essay

Strength sustainability in the UAE


This research will talk about about the current energy resources consumption regionally in the UAE and throughout the world in the whole community. Also, it could discuss regarding the possible renewable energy grow implementation and what fresh researches and achievements has been done in the UAE. The majority of the researches done in the area of the energy sustainability are operating out of Masdar city and so more in depth information are offered.

Table of contents


1 . Introduction4

2 . Current energy consumption5

3. Green and non-renewable energy7

three or more. 1MASDAR City7

3. 1 . 1Wind energy7

3. 1 . 2Solar energy8

3. 1 . 3Beam Down project10

four. Conclusion11

five. References12

Set of Tables

Stand 1 - Energy Usage and Creation QUADS [3]six

Table two - Gross Generated Electrical power by Power, 2005-2010 (GW/ h) [4]6th

1 . Introduction

Energy is one of the most important parts of our universe. We use strength to lamps our metropolitan areas, to power our transportations such as vehicles and also to power machinery in. Sufficient, dependable sources of energy are a necessity for developing nations such as the UAE. The United Arabic Emirates (UAE) has the world's sixth major proven oil reserves and the fifth major natural gas supplies [1]. Statistics by 2010 demonstrates more than 90 per cent with the UAE's electricity production can be fuelled simply by natural gas, with the remaining produced by diesel generation and vapor turbines that are primarily found in the Northern Emirates [2]. The energy resources inside the UAE are mainly based on non-renewable energies including petroleum and natural gas, fossil fuel, in fact it is not make certain these resources will supply the with its strength needs for a long period. For future energy sustainability in the UAE, energy assets should in order to renewable energy mainly because these solutions are unrestricted. There are many studies and jobs done by MASDAR city to work with solar and wind powers which in upcoming will provide a bright foreseeable future for the power resources region. Also, nuclear energy is roofed in the plan for future energy in the UAE as it is an environmentally friendly source and can make energy for years.

2 . Current energy intake

The majority of strength consumption inside the UAE originates from fossil gasoline; petroleum and natural gas. Most of the transportation vehicles are power with gasoline and the electrical power generation is dependent mainly in natural gas. The players inside the UAE's electrical power generation groups are: Abu Dhabi Normal water and Electric power Authority (ADWEA), which currently accounts for 53 per cent in the capacity, China Electricity and Water Expert (DEWA) and it makes up 29 percent, Sharjah Electrical power and Water Authority (SEWA) and it generates 10 per cent, and Federal Electrical energy and Water Authority (FEWA) and that generates the least around several per cent in the Northern Emirates [2]. A data is provided depicting the energy consumption and production quads in Usa Arab Emirates (UAE) coming from 2006-2010 including the country's fossil fuel production, renewables production and consumption, and petroleum net exports [Table 1]. It is obvious from the graph that the intake is mainly about fossil fuel, and almost not any energy generated or used from the renewable energies or nuclear and hydroelectric. Regarding the electricity generation and consumption in UAE, some figure retrieved via UAE stats shows that energy generation is usually increasing in order to cover for the increase in demand [Table 2]. The data shows the produced electricity in GigaWatts per hour for 12 months 2005 to 2010 and it can be seen the fact that energy intake almost bending in the amount of five years. Also, energy consumption chart is not an accurate way of measuring to foresee the energy intake in future, so deploying a sustainable energy resource can be an important step to prepare for the future. Table you - Energy Consumption and...

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