Epideitic Talk on Overpopulation

 Epideitic Presentation on Overpopulation Essay

Angela Hodgson

Public Speaking

Steve Matn

April 27, 2005

Epideictic Speech

We all as individuals cannot also pretend to understand the problems with overpopulation. We do not take the time or maybe the effort being educated enough; therefore we do not help the elimination of upcoming problems to hold our society as it is at this point.

We may certainly not do this, but I researched of 3 sociologists which in turn; Lester Ur Brown,

Gary Gardner,

and Brian Halweil.

These 3 men chose to put together their particular intelligence to try and educate America the problems that come with overpopulation.

These 3 men proved their self-lessness, sincerity, and their caring TOWARDS the people of America.

These 3 guys showed us that with a little work from everyone, there can be sun the next day.

These kinds of 3 males decided to come up with the darkest, deepest of situations simply to have all people, and everyone otherwise become educated of the concerns of overpopulation.

These 3 men made a decision to take time away of their lives to attempt to help our region and the lives of you and me.

These 3 men help make likely the fresh surroundings we breathing, the availability of clean water to cleanse ourself, the rooftops we have above our brain, just because they will took the time to announce the issues with overpopulation.

Because of these 3 men we now have freedom regarding our lives even as we choose.

If these kinds of 3 males did not take time to explain the severity in the problems, we all eventually may have restricted selections.

If these kinds of 3 guys did not check out educate those we would have no preparation to get a single problem that may happen from overpopulation, this would mean utter damage. Our land has controlled population and prevented the down sides that could have got happened, now we must preserve that pleasure for our future generations as these 3 men performed for us. Because of our control over population, our nation provides given all of us the best of both worlds. We can not really imagine just how life will be anywhere else;...

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