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Examples of Active and Passive Words

Active voice describes a word where the subject performs the action explained by the action-word.  Inpassive voice paragraphs, the subject is usually acted upon by the verb. Sentences in Active and Unaggressive Voice

Allow me to share examples of phrases written in both the active voice and the passive voice, with the active voice sentence in your essay appearing 1st: Harry had six shrimp at evening meal. (active)

In dinner, 6 shrimp were eaten by simply Harry. (passive)

Beautiful giraffes roam the savannah. (active)

The savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes. (passive)

Sue improved the level tire. (active)

The flat tire was changed by simply Sue. (passive)

We are going to view a movie tonite. (active)

A show is going to be observed by all of us tonight. (passive)

I leaped the obstacle course in record time. (active)

The obstacle program was operate by me personally in record time. (passive)

The team paved the entire stretch of highway. (active)

The entire stretch of freeway was provided by the staff. (passive) Mother read the novel in one day. (active)

The novel was read simply by Mom in a single day. (passive)

The essenti wrote a scathing review. (active)

A scathing assessment was authored by the vit. (passive)

I will clean the house every Weekend. (active)

Your house will be cleaned out by me personally every Sat. (passive)

Employees is required to observe a safety online video every year. (active) A safety online video will be watched by the personnel every year. (passive) She faxed her app for a new job. (active)

The application for any new task was faxed by her. (passive)

Mary painted the entire house. (active)

The entire home was planted by Mary. (passive)

The teacher always answers the students' questions. (active) The students' concerns are always clarified by the educator. (passive) The choir really enjoys that piece. (active)

That piece is really enjoyed by the pendre. (passive)

Who also taught you to ski? (active)

By to whom were you taught to ski? (passive)

The forest fire demolished the whole region. (active)

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