WORKOUT 18 Suggest Standard Deviation And 96 And 99 Of The Normal Curve

 Essay upon EXERCISE 18 Mean Common Deviation And 95 And 99 Of The Normal Contour

Name: Ashley Lee

Category: HLT-362 Used Statistics to get Healthcare Specialists Date: 04/01/2015

EXERCISE 18 • Suggest, Standard Deviation, and 95% and 00% of the Typical Curve

1 ) Assuming that the distribution can be regular for weight relative to the right and 00% of the man participants won between (–53. 68, 64. 64), wherever did 95% of the principles for weight relative to the best lie? Circular your response to two fraccion places.

To find where 95% of the principles for the weight of relative to the best lies you should use the method that is offered in the textual content on page 132 of Work out 18. This kind of formula is definitely:. The = MEAN (5. 48) and the (SD) =Standard Deviation (22. 93). These types of numbers were derived from desk 1 about pg. 133 under the line labeled Men. The problem is figured out as such:

Solution: 5. 48±1. 96(22. 93)

5. 48-1. 96(22. 93) = 5. 48-44. 94 5. 48-44. 94= -39. 46

5. 48+1. 96(22. 93) = 5. 48+44. 94

your five. 48+44. 94= 50. forty two

ANSWER= (-39. 46, 55. 42)

2 . Which from the following values from Table 1 lets us know about variability of the ratings in a distribution? a. 62. 22

b. 11. 94

c. twenty-two. 57 ←Answer

d. 53. 66

The answer for query number 2 can be (C). The SD implies the variability. In the answer set the only choice that was SECURE DIGITAL was decision (C) the other options had been Mean scores listed in stand 1 .

three or more. Assuming that the distribution for General Health Awareness is normal, 95% of the females' scores throughout the mean had been between what values? Circular your reply to two decimal places. Once again you would utilize the formula info provided in the text on page 132 of Exercise 18. On pg. 134 of the workbook Physical exercise 18 table 2 you could find the Mean=39. 71 and SD= 25. 46 pertaining to the Females in the examine.

Formula: 39. 71±1. 96(25. 46)

39. 71-1. 96(25. 46) sama dengan 39. 71-49. 90 39. 71-49. 90= -10. nineteen

39. 71+1. 96(25. 46) = 39. 71+49. 80

39. 71+49. 90= fifth there�s 89. 61

ANSWER= (-10. nineteen, 49. 90)

4. Let's assume that the...

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