Wish of Shawshank Redemption

 Hope of Shawshank Redemption Essay

The Shawshank Redemption

Amy Thomas

Mr. Pudwill

Film Evaluation

Period 2

June 15, 2013

Inside the film, The Shawshank Payoff, multiple topics are obvious but in the end the concept of the hope is considered the most highlighted through the movie. The key character, Andy Dufresne, a 30 yr old former vice president of a lender was convicted of the killing of his wife Linda and her lover Glenn Quentin. Upon his entrance at Shawshank, the inmates had targeted Andy since the weakest link among the list of new group of prisoners, however little do they know that Andy's hope and determination will lead to a large number of advantages for them.

The Power of Desire

Hope, above all else, drives the inmates at Shawshank and gives them the will to live. Andy's sheer determination to maintain his own perception of self-worth and get away keeps him from perishing of disappointment and anger in one confinement. Desire is an abstract, passive emotion, akin to the passive, immobile, and inert lives of the criminals. Andy pieces about making hope an actuality in the form of the agonizing progress he makes each year tunneling his approach through his concrete cellular wall. Possibly Andy's even-keeled and well ballanced temperament, nevertheless , eventually succumb to the bleakness of jail life. Crimson notes that Tommy Williams's revelation that he can be Andy's innocence was like an important unlocking a cage in Andy's mind, a parrot cage that unveiled a gambling called Wish. This desire reinvigorates Andy and propagates to many of some other inmates in the prison. In his letter tackled to Red, Andy writes that " hope is a superb thing, ” which in the finish is all that Red leaves. Red's decision to go to South america to find Andy is the supreme proof of Red's own payoff, not by his your life as a criminal but via his sacrificed state, bereft of wish and with no reason to embrace existence or the future. Red's concluding words, when he embarks tentatively onto a fresh path, show that...

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