Financial Management

 Financial Management Research Conventional paper

Executive Overview

The purpose of this assignment is usually to analyze the financial position of John Keells Holdings PLC. The author offers consisted just JKH PLC along but not its subsidiaries (group). The author has made work with eleven proportions to analyze the financial position of the company. The ratios that he is using are Return on Investment (ROI), Come back to shareholders, Come back on Capital Employed (ROCE), Earnings every share (EPS), Price-Earnings Percentage (P/E), Dividend yield, Gross payout, Gearing ratio, Curiosity cover, Current ratio and Acid test percentage. The author has not been able to use the gross income ratio, net profit percentage and working capital turnover because since simply JKH PLC is considered and not its subsidiaries, the total revenue figure received is inappropriate to be utilized in this proportion. To obtain the real net income ratio, net profit percentage and working capital then the whole group should be considered. The author has not been able to utilize the Debtors collection period and Creditors collection period because JKH being a holdings firm does not include any acquisitions. Also most its borrowers are it is subsidiaries and cannot be used to calculated the gathering period.

Table of Contents


About the company2

Models / Content2


Return about Investment5

Return on Capital Employed6

Profits per share6

Price-Earnings Ratio6

Dividend Yield7

Dividend Payout7

Gearing Ratio8

Interest Cover8

Current ratio8

Acid Test ratio9

Analysis and Evaluation10




Capital Structure14







Risk Management22

Talk about Information23

Stability Sheet26

Cash flow Statement27

Volume of Shares28

Regarding the company

John Keells Holdings PLC is a holding firm. It is a Sri Lanka-based conglomerate, with organization interests in property, amusement, transportation, client foods and retail, financial services, information technology (IT) and related services. In Sri Lanka, it is just a cargo and logistics providers and also is the owner of seven hotel hotels in Sri Lanka and 4 in the Maldives under its two brands, Cinnamon Resorts and Resorts and Chaaya Hotels and Resorts. It also owns two consumer brands, Keells and Elephant, which usually produce and market carbonated soft drinks, your favorite ice cream and highly processed meats in Sri Lanka. Additionally, it consist firms engaged in software development and providing THIS solutions for overseas clientele. In terms of marketplace capitalization, Steve Keells Coalition PLC is the largest company which has accounts for more than 14% of the Sri Lankan Wall street game. Being a significant organization, it is vital to analyze the performance in the company.

Designs / Content

The author made use of proportion analysis to gauge relationships amongst financial declaration items. Mcdougal has made make use of the accounting ratios to recognize the trend in the company for the past two 12 months, i. electronic., 2010 and 2011. Using the ratios, the author focuses on the profitability, efficiency, purchase, capital composition and fluid of the organization. John Keells Holdings PLC's vision is to build businesses that are leaders in the region. JKH consists of 9, 639 stakeholders, out that 68. 3% of the stocks in concern were held by public, while 6. 0% of the stocks were held by the directors, professionals and connected parties, plus the balance twenty-five. 7% by the shareholders having more than 10%. Board of Directors plus the Employees will be two important stakeholders of JKH. The Board of Directors is definitely accountable for the shareholders pertaining to the governance of the firm. They have the ability to provide way and advice in medium and long-term strategies, granting annual finances, appointing and reviewing the performance with the chairman, reviewing HR operations, overseeing the chance management process and etc… At JKH, employees will be consisted as its greatest advantage. They have an open door policy where the personnel can directly mail the chairman regarding their...

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