gklgdgdlg Analysis Paper

Unit 21 D1

Make reasonable recommendations on how you would minimise the bad influences upon individuals


1 . In order to avoid Iris from having a great allergic reaction via peanuts and sesame seeds, the staff in the residential residence need to try to reduce the risk of this happening by reading the labels around the food the labels. If eye was to ingest any foods that contain peanuts or sesame seeds, employees need to observe her whist eating dishes because in the event that this was to take place then they may give her the medicine she requires as soon as possible to quit this causing further challenges as well as impacting her well being.

installment payments on your Iris offers coeliac disease, so the personnel need to take this into consideration. They have to try and eliminate giving eyes foods which may have protein gluten or reduce the amounts that they can give her. By doing this they are looking after her overall health and well-being. We would also suggest that they speak to any family and friends of iris' since when the girl with out in the community she might be at risk of impacting her very own health as she may be tempted to decide on foods which are not suitable for her. If her family and friends know about this chances are they can help eyes choose foods that are good for her overall health.

three or more. Day to day tasks can be hard for eyes on a daily basis because she has osteoarthritis on every her fingertips on both of your hands. I would recommend which the staff in your own home help and support iris with tasks such as planning food. This will likely prevent iris from triggering any traumas or problems for herself. Occasionally iris may feel self-confident in doing some day to time tasks their self, however it is better if the staff are always around just in case the lady becomes irritated or irritated, this is when the staff need to stimulate and inspire her so that she won't feel worthless or impractical.

4. I would recommend the fact that staff In the house stick to the established times they may have for dishes, so that iris knows if you should eat. They could organized notices around...

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