Grapes of Wrath by Ruben Steinbeck: Characterization of Rick Casey as a Christ Determine

 Grapes of Wrath by simply John Steinbeck: Portrayal of Jim Casey as a Christ Figure Article

How can John Steinbeck portray Sean Casey as a Christ figure in his story, The Grapes of Difficulty?

In his new, The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck brings many different diverse personas to the visitor. The majority of these characters' personality lies within just whom that they symbolize. What I'm looking to say would be that the character inside the novel represents another getting outside of the novel. For example , the former preacher Jim Casey who is the good friend of the Joads may well to some readers represent Jesus Christ. In the book, Jim Casey brings along spiritual stability and hope to the families migrating West. I really believe there are many " hints" or ways that Steinbeck shows this representation over the novel, and in this record I will teach you examples of so why I believe this kind of.

Every author gets the privilege to give their choice of names to the heroes in their books. With that said, there are twenty-six letters in the English alphabet, and a surplus of brands to go with every letter. Steinbeck though manages to give Jim Casey the precise initials as the biblical savior, Christ. Coincidence? I believe not. Steinbeck is a Stanford graduate and a very smart man who also voices his opinion without worrying about what his critics can think. I believe he recognized exactly what he was doing.

In the event you believe my personal first stage is a coincidence, consider this. Jim Casey and Jesus Christ have many similarities, which in turn extend earlier " coincidental" initials. For instance , Casey states that this individual drifted to be able to the jungles in order to " soul-search" and find out the answers to sometimes hidden concerns, much like Jesus Christ did. In this particular situation, Casey himself declares the side by side comparisons between his actions and the actions of Christ while giving grace in the Joad's breakfast table. In Chapter Ten of the book, Jim Casey says, " В…I been in the slopes, thinkin' nearly you might say like Jesus went into the backwoods to think His way out of the mess of troubles"....

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