Healthcare Circumstance - Asthma

 Healthcare Circumstance - Bronchial asthma Essay


Through this assignment the scenario presented is of a mother bringing her child into the er during a great asthma assault. Though both of her parents work, they can not afford health care insurance for themselves or her. Additionally, they earn too much money to are entitled to state or federal help. She is remedied with medicine for her asthma attack in the hospital and she and her mother leave. 2 weeks later, that they return to the hospital in a practically identical situation. I will be discussing whether I feel the girl received enough care for her condition, will need to she become treated by a physician ahead of her state worsens, should everyone be eligible for a basic the least healthcare which is healthcare a right (AIU On-line, 2013)?

Healthcare Scenario -- Asthma


Unfortunately, with this day-in-age, healthcare is a a lot of money industry and is becoming less about truly helping persons improve their into the more about writing accounts and getting paid. People care less now than in the past when it comes to employed in the healthcare industry and is mirrored in their work. In the case of the tiny girl brought into the emergency room during an asthma strike the level of proper care she received throughout her visits was nothing less than failure, Her condition had not been given another look generally on the worth the her parents don't have a healthcare provider, resulting in the small girls state not being properly treated. Do you think this girl is receiving adequate attention?

No, I do certainly not feel the little girl is receiving satisfactory care, In order for her to get adequate care I think when ever she was admitted in to the emergency room, the staff that handled her must have given her a prescription for an asthma boire to control her symptoms and prevent any foreseeable future debilitating episodes. But as the child's parents do not currently have a doctor this option was not thought of or considered that is why a imagine she was not receiving sufficient care....

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