Helen Keller

 Helen Keller Essay

Helen Keller

Her life and heritage

" Whilst they were expressing among themselves it can not be done, it was done. " -Helen Keller

Hailan El-Naas

Grade 9A The spring 28, 2013

Table of Contents

1 . Outline 1 installment payments on your Introduction 2 3. Helen Keller's Early Life several 4. Learning to Communicate 4 5. A fresh Life with Communication five 6. Keller's Accomplishments and Achievements six 7. Sue Keller's Impact and Heritage 7 eight. Helen Keller's Famous Quotes 8 9. Conclusion on the lookout for 10. Bibliography and Referrals 10


My spouse and i. Helen Keller's Early Your life

A. Created in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

B. Her health issues at a young age.

C. Overcoming her disabilities.

D. Finding a answer to her problem.

II. Finding out how to Communicate

A. Anne Sullivan, her tutor.

B. Learning words.

C. Perkins Organization for the blind.

M. Reading and writing in Braille.

3. A New Lifestyle with Conversation

A. An official education.

M. Horace Mann School and Cambridge University for Young Ladies. C. New methods of communication.

D. Conference famous people.

4. Keller's Achievements and Successes

A. The Theodore RooseveltВ Distinguished Service Honor.

B. The Presidential Medal of Liberty.

C. Political election to the Women's Hall of Fame.

M. Honorary tragique degrees coming from Temple College or university and Harvard University. Elizabeth. Writing various autobiographies.

Sixth is v. Helen Keller's Impact and Legacy

A. American base for the blind.

B. Strong political beliefs.

C. Women's Education and Industrial Union in Boston.

D. Questionable subjects. В


Life is but an clear world of night, if you are unable to see. It is just a blank, muted world if you are not able to listen to. You cannot attain anything in life, if you cannot contact people, find them, or hear them. Well, in least, which what everyone thinks. Delivered into our planet without any of those abilities, Sue Adams Keller was thought to be unintelligent, continual, and without having self-confidence. However , throughout her life, this kind of miracle member of staff proved to be precisely that and even more. She is known around the world today as a image of valor in the face of overpowering odds, but she was much more compared to a symbol. She was a girl of excellent intelligence, high ambition and great accomplishment who focused her your life to aiding others.

Helen Keller's Early Life

Helen Adams Keller was born upon June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, The state of alabama. Keller's daddy had happily served as an official in the Confederate Army through the Civil War. The family members was not especially wealthy and earned salary from their silk cotton plantation. Keller was born with her senses of eyesight and hearing, and started out speaking the moment she was just six months old. The girl started jogging at the age of 1 ) In 1882, nevertheless , Keller developed an illness—called " mind fever" by family doctor—that produced a high body temperature. The actual nature from the illness is still a unknown today, even though some professionals believe it could have been scarlet fever or perhaps meningitis. Within a few days following the fever out of cash, Keller's mother noticed that her daughter failed to show any reaction when the dinner bells was rung, or every time a hand was waved facing her face. Keller had lost...

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