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We. Title

The Sorcerer's Beginner

II. Author's Biography

François Augiéras' Biography

Augiéras Francis is the son of Peter Augiéras, a renowned France pianist, and a mom porcelain painter original Polish�. Augiéras stone, installed in the U. S. to get professional factors, died of appendicitis two months prior to birth of his son. Returned to France a few a few months after delivery, Francois Augiéras spent his childhood with his mother.  In Paris�, he detects a disaster, he studied in the College Stanislas�.  He after that lived in Perigueux�, where he moved at the age of 8 years.  At the age of thirteen, at the general public library, this individual discovered André Gide,  Nietzsche and Arthur Rimbaud. Attracted to artwork, he kept school when justin was thirteen years to take courses in drawing.  In 1941, he signed up for a youth movement that proliferate below the Vichy regime�, but in 1942 he fractures away to become an actor in a traveling theater.  Engaging, in 1944, the processing of the fast at Toulon�, then switches to French Algeria�, in which he finds him self in Algiers.  It hardly some attention, desperate to go to the Southern he sensory faculties to be his real country, where he became a member of his uncle Marcel Augiéras, colonial army retired, whom lives in El Golea�, in the Sahara.  During his be in the Sahara, Francois Augiéras is sexually abused by his uncle�, obtaining this occasion his own inclinations homosexual. � Augiéras is inspired to write down this show in 1949�,  The Old Man plus the Child, which usually he printed at the publisher under the ficticious name Abdullah Chaamba.  The book holds the interest of André Gide�, who a number of months prior to his loss of life, meets the young article writer after he sent her two words.  Augiéras Gide later described a clearly moved simply by his meeting with him, and imagines him self as the " last love"  the wonderful writer.  The Old Man as well as the Child was released in 1954 by Editions para Minuit and a rumor that " Abdallah Chaamba"  is a pseudonym Gide's posthumous. Lonesome and rebellious, multiply Augiéras travel, including browsing the Algeria and Greece�, and making pension Mount Athos�.  In 1957-1958, he took part in in the journal Structure, headed by simply Pierre Renaud in Paris, france, and then partcipates in a company of Camel Corps in southern Algeria.  His books are encouraged by his eventful existence: himself wrote " I have approved - or called -- of harmful adventures, often with the futuro motive: it will eventually become catalogs!  ". The temperament is pantheistic, Augiéras brings up in his writings openly sexual attraction pertaining to both girls and boys, but as well for animals.   In The Sorcerer's Beginner, the initially his ebooks that is not directly autobiographical, this individual addresses the main topic of pedophilia�. In 1960, this individual married his cousin Viviane of The Town, but their romance did not previous and was officially disbanded nine years later.  In 1967, this individual completed the first book he agreed upon his true name,  a teenager at the time of the Marshal and many adventures.  The wanderings, insecurity, severe loneliness aggravate his state.  The clinic stays of Périgueux do well.  In the late 1960s�, a time he lived in the grotte at Domme to break free living in asile, and writes about school notebooks.  His book Domme or guests test, he fails to acquire published in his lifetime, was inspired simply by his existence in caves. Undermined simply by poverty and malnutrition, too soon aged by simply his living conditions, he moved into a breastfeeding home in Ferns�, and in a hospital intended for indigents in Montignac�.  A vacation to Mount Athos was published in 1970.  Worn center, François Augiéras died...

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