Revenue Center

 Profit Centre Essay


income center


A company unit or department which can be treated as being a distinct organization enabling revenues and expenditures to be established so that earnings can be tested.

Distinctly identifiable department or unit that contributes to the overall economical results of a firm. Where adequate expense accounting systems are set up, profit centers are given responsibility to target particular percentages of the total earnings and are offered adequate expert to control their particular costs to accomplish those objectives. See as well cost centre and revenue center. organization


A commercial activity engaged in as a method of sustenance or income, or a great entity which engages in activities such as.



The positive gain from an investment or organization operation following subtracting for all expenses. opposite of loss.



An enterprise, unit or function within a company.



Any kind of cost of performing resulting from revenue-generating activities.


Definition you

A reduction in the value of an investment.

Definition 2

An ailment in which a provider's expenses go over its income. opposite of profit.

cost center

Definition you

Defined physical area, machine, or person to whom direct and indirect costs will be allocated. Classification 2

Noticeably identifiable section, division, or unit of firm whose managers are responsible for its every associated costs and for ensuring adherence to its cost-budgets. Also called expense pool. Discover also earnings center and revenue centre. decision


Decision made between alternative methods of action in a situation of uncertainty. Although excessive uncertainty can be undesirable, workable uncertainty offers the freedom to create creative decisions. delegative management


Leadership style in which a leader transfers decision making power to a number of employees, but remains in charge of their decisions....

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