Toddler Observation

 Infant Declaration Essay



ECS 100

11-12: 20PM

Baby Observation

On the day 6th with the month 9th of the yr 2012 We observed the infant Alonso Herrera Rivera. Alonso is 3 months and weekly old, his weight is usually 17Ibs with 7oz his height is definitely 26in. The newborn has a round head, darkish hair with dark brown Oriental eyes, and rosy face with dimples when he smiles and has a light skin complexion. Alonso is wearing a dark green cowboy hat with a darker wash blue jeans and blue hi there top speak. When I came his mom was placing him on his crib, when he is putting he movements his adjustable rate mortgage like if he was stretching and stares with the celling. He kicks and moves his hand to his mouth area; he pulls his hands for a while and drools. The newborn gets his hands away of his mouth and tries to lift his brain like if hoping to get u; this individual attempts accomplishing this three times and gives up. Alonso continues to draw his palm and punch, his mother passes subsequent to his crib and he destin at her she begins talking to him and this individual responds which has a " GUU” " GUU””GUU”. His mother lifts him up and lays him on his stomach he begins to paddle his little arms and leg techinques, also he tries to lift his brain up and soon gets a little irritated and starts to cry, his mother take you him up and sets her finger next to his mouth area and he tries to pull her little finger. It is time to get him to eat, Alonso leg techinques more and whines louder because his mom is getting all set to breast supply him. This individual opens his mouth and starts to draw on the left nip as he gags the milk he locates his left on his mom's breast and closes his eye. As he is eating he softly calms his kicking and falls asleep, his mother continually feed him for five minutes and gently drags her breasts away from him Alonso gets startled and flings away his arms. He islied on his baby crib and happiness as he naps.

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