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 aqua silencer Essay

ISSN: 2319-5967

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International Journal of Engineering Science and Ground breaking Technology (IJESIT) Volume two, Issue a few, September 2013

Use of Aqueous Ammonia in Silencer to get

removal of LASER, SO2 and NOx via exhaust

smells of My spouse and i. C. Engines

Rawale Sudarshan S. *, Patil Snehal S., Nandrekar Amruta A., Abhijeet S. Kabule, Pupil, KJCOEMR, Pune, Faculty, KJCOEMR, Pune

Abstract-This paper consists of experimental study for employing aqueous ammonia solution while an impregnar for the reduction of CO2, SO2 and NOx from wear out gases of I. C. Engines. The aqueous ammonia process can simultaneously remove CO2, SO2, NOx and also hydrocarbons which may present in the exhaust gas. There could be oxidation of SO2 and NOx prior to contacting the aqueous ammonia absorbent. A concept related to the ammonia/carbon dioxide response in an exhaust system is provided. Index Terms— Ammonia, CO2, SO2, NOX,


Reduction of green house result gases (GHGs) has considered the attention of researchers and scientists around the world. In recent years, these types of concerns include risen than previously. The large numbers of carbon dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere could cause extreme global local climate changes [2]. Recent atmospheric findings confirm that the concentration of CO2 inside the atmosphere has grown by almost 30% for the last 150 years, with a great accelerating tendency in previous year's. In 1997, community community which includes India approved Kyoto Process. Its importance and feasible implementation was emphasized in 2005. The objective was to addresses the problem of climate changes occurring because of human activities. Protocols had been defined to adhere to the hard work of UN Framework Tradition on Local climate Change (UNFCCC) [1]. This is the largest increase discovered for any ten years in in least the final 200 years. From 1999 to june 2006, global CARBON DIOXIDE emissions coming from fossil gas increased at the rate of roughly 3% by season [9]. Through man activities, mainly due...

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