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January 21, 2014

Leonard Cooper Charter College LAN

Leonard Cooper Hire is a K-12 school that is certainly in need of a local area network that will benefit them tremendously. They have about 1, 000 students, and they have had various complaints about the speed and function of their present network. A few years backside they had a fresh section added on to the institution, and this is usually when the challenges began. To best suit them, a number of stakeholders have got together and voiced their very own concerns about the problematic areas such as the stamping collisions, network and connection issues, and what type of cable would better to use to resolve the problems, and they have tackled them to myself so I can create a solution which will benefit the college. The overall target here is to plan, style, and put into action technology that could definitely increase the teaching and learning in the school along with prepare learners with the best learning encounter needed. The first area of concern I want to addresses is the print server. There were many collisions with producing within the university and it needs to be managed somehow. The school is currently utilizing a half duplex system when they need to be using a full appartment building system, mainly because with 1 / 2 duplex systems, you can just communicate a single direction at a time. " Nodes sharing a half duplex connection will be operating in the same collision domain name. This means that these kinds of nodes will certainly compete to get bus access, and their support frames have the potential to collide to frames for the network. Unless of course access to the bus is controlled for a higher level and highly synchronised across every one of the nodes co-existing on the accident domain, accidents can occur and real-time interaction is not guaranteed”. (Liu, J. 2000) So no mater how many jobs that they try to perform, without a full duplex system, things will usually collide, making it complicated for printing...

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Current Ethernet 1 Introduction to Real-time Electronic Control Systems

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