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Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický

Inside my seminar operate I'm talking about the dictonary called Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický, published by Lingea in Bratislava, 2008. Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický can be described as translation book (Slovak-English, English-Slovak). It is a dictionary for general purpose. In the book cover text there is certainly mentioned the fact that dictionary is supposed for translators as well as for every single earnest scholar of British. There is described that the book contains 102. 000 articles. Whether it is true or certainly not, it is a medium-sized dictionary.

Front matter

Front side matter of the dictionary starts with a preamble. In this portion, we study that the book is written by more than twenty unspecified writers who used the same way to build 1 dictionary framework. It is mentioned that Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický is really far the biggest one-volume Slovak-English and English-Slovak dictionary released in Slovakia. Apart from everyday language, it includes legal terms, terms in science and technology, and economics lingo. The creators claim that this kind of dictionary is made up of entries, snel, phrases, and idioms, which might be truly in use in the present day vocabulary. The English language entries inside the dictionary had been selected are based on the content of best known The english language dictionaries, posted by Collins, Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Cassell, Merriam Webster, Chambers, Unique House, Bloomsbury, and a few special goal dictionaries of phrasal verbs, idioms, slang, encyclopedic dictionaries, and dictionaries of technological terminology. Inside the preface, you can also get some examples of entries the authors claim we simply cannot find in other Slovak-English and...

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