Manu vs . Hammurabi

 Essay on Manu versus Hammurabi

Eric Yeckes

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Compare Manu and Hammurabi

During the two early civilizations of Mesopotamia and India, there are many similarities and differences between all their social categorie. One of the similarities was that criminal offenses committed by a lower class citizen to a higher class resident had very much harsher punishments. Another similarity between the two civilizations is the fact that the best social course was as well the largest social class. Yet there were several differences involving the two; like how they cared for women. At the begining of India, women were privileged and featured and in Mesopotamia they were basically just property. Equally societies got harsher punishments for once crimes had been committed by a lower school citizen to a higher class resident. For example , in Mesopotamia the Code of Hammurabi claims that if a guy were to strike another guy of a superior class he would end up being beaten 62 times, when a man from the aristocracy strikes a man of equal size then he is to only pay out one mitt of metallic. In the Code of Manu if a man from the lowest sociable class ought to with any part of their particular body harm anyone coming from a higher interpersonal class, that body component would be shut down. Also in both societies the lowest school consisted of employees, merchants, and peasant maqui berry farmers; this was likewise the largest category. In Mesopotamia and India, the employees and hard workers had been put in the most affordable class because they could not afford the luxurious lifestyle of the noblemen. The three major classes were the top, middle, and lower course. The upper category was priests, noblemen, and government officials., the middle course was the military, and the lower class retailers, artisans, carpenters, and peasants. The lower category was and so large since anyone who didn't have a component in government, the armed service, or riches was put in the lowest course. Although there had been similarities in the two early civilizations there was some dissimilarities, one being how they remedied their women. In...

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